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Pride Hath a Fall Story in English for Children

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The pride hath a fall story is a phenomenal short story like many other short stories that can be narrated to children.

The story conveys the importance of humility to the children.

An Introduction to the Pride Hath a Fall Story

The pride hath a fall story revolves around an oak tree and the reeds. The story shows how pride can lead to a fall. The oak tree being proud of himself faces the consequences later. Children will come to know how pride is just a paper-thin image that can be easily torn by the slightest impact. At any moment, the real person with all of their insecurities and flaws can be easily revealed to the world. The true colours of a person are a brilliant mix of merit and fault and one should not be ashamed of them. This has been represented in the pride hath a fall story.

Pride Hath a Fall Story 

Once upon a time, there was an oak tree that lived near the banks of the river. The reeds also used to stay near the river. The oak tree stood tall and strong near the river banks and was close to the reeds. The oak tree was huge and also had a huge trunk. The tree was proud of itself. It had hundreds of strong and big branches. The oak tree was so proud that it used to boast about itself. It used to tell everyone that he was mighty and strong. The oak tree used to tell the reeds proudly that nothing can break him or uproot him because he was so strong. The reeds warned the oak tree to not be proud of himself. They told the oak tree that nothing in this world is immortal and that only being modest is the key. The oak tree used to make fun of the reeds and call them feeble. The tree claimed that he had great strength and he was the strongest tree in the jungle.

After making fun of the reeds, the oak tree stood there with pride and the wind started blowing. The reeds began to bow their heads because the wind was getting stronger. On seeing this, the oak tree again made fun of the reeds and called them weak and petite.

The oak tree mockingly said that the slightest of the winds can make the reeds bow their heads. According to the oak tree, the reeds would not be able to survive the strong storms because they were weak.

The winds soon turned into a hurricane. The oak tree continued to laugh at the reeds while standing in pride. The wise reeds told the oak tree that they would be able to survive in the strong hurricane by bowing their heads. They told the oak tree that if he continued standing straight, he would not be able to survive these strong winds and they would break him.

The oak did not listen to the reeds and continued boasting himself. The oak told the reeds that nothing can uproot him. The winds got very furious and the hurricane took its peak. The reeds kept their heads bowed. The oak tree that was standing straight tried fighting the winds and fell into the river. Thus, it was the end of the oak tree. The tree drifted in the water and cried over his false pride. 


A Beautiful and Huge Oak Tree

A Beautiful and Huge Oak Tree


Moral of the Story Pride Hath a Fall

This story is one of the best short stories with a moral attached to it. It teaches the children to never be proud of themselves. They should always remain humble or else they will have to suffer. Unhealthy pride happens when we say or do things for people praising us for making ourselves feel good. Pride wants us to be praised, worshipped, get the glory and also be highly talked about.

An unhealthy pride can give an elated view of yourself which is not good and can lead to our fall as has been depicted in the story. Pride generally comes from fear of shame or embarrassment. If a person is willing to laugh at himself and if he is ready to admit that he doesn't know everything, he will be able to ignore the prideful thoughts that enter his mind easily.

Note to the Parent

Parents should teach their kids that the first step towards recognising their pride is to know when they become too prideful. The children should be introspective but not too hard on themselves. Once they start listening to their thoughts and start thinking about others, they will be able to exercise better control over pride. Parents should teach their children to adopt moral behaviour.

Adults have more knowledge, experience, and also authority than children. It is beneficial for the kids to look up to their parents. It also enables the art of learning in the kids. Only a humble child can learn from his parents. An arrogant child cannot learn from anyone.

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FAQs on Pride Hath a Fall Story in English for Children

1. What did the oak tree claim?

The oak tree claimed that he was the strongest in the jungle and no one could uproot him. He boasted about his strength to the reeds.

2. Why did the oak tree mock the reeds?

The oak tree mocked the reeds because they used to bow to protect themselves whenever a wind came.

3. Why did the oak tree fall in the river?

The oak tree stood standing straight when there was a strong hurricane. The oak tree did not bow and hence he was destroyed and fell into the river.