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Dubby The Penguin Story for Kids

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Story of Dubby - The Brave Penguin

The penguin story of Dubby

The penguin story of Dubby

Kids, do you want to hear an adventurous bedtime story this time? We have a penguin story for you. Do you love penguins, the cute black and white creatures who live in the snow? If yes, then let us together read this fascinating story of a brave penguin named Dubby. After reading this penguin story, you will be inspired to become braver.

Dubby - The Penguin

Once upon a time, a penguin named Dubby lived with his family in one of the coldest places on the Earth - Antarctica. Dubby, a cute penguin, was very fond of catching fish. He would go out daily with his parents in the morning to catch fish. He used to enjoy catching fish very much.

Every day, he stood on the edge of the glacier and bent to look into the water for fish. As soon as Dubby saw a fish, he would immediately put his hand inside and easily catch the fish. When he took the fish out, Dubby would dance and shout in excitement, “I caught the fish! I caught it!” Dubby’s parents would become happy every time they saw him excited about catching a fish.

Dubby catching fish

Dubby catching fish

A Twist in the Penguin Story

Dubby’s happy days did not last for long. Suddenly, one day, when Dubby and his family went to catch fish, some hunters came there. The hunters had a huge ship and they laid traps to kidnap Dubby and other penguin children who were hunting fish there with their families.

Hunters took the penguin children with them on their ship. All the penguin children started crying, “Help! Help!” The penguin parents just stood at the edge of the glacier and were unable to do anything to save their children. They were crying and shouting repeatedly in pain, “Please leave our children! Do not take them away.” However, the hunters did not listen to their requests.

Hunters’ ship

Hunters’ ship

The Cruel Hunters

The cruel hunters had trapped all the penguin children and put them on their ship. The penguins were very scared. Soon, the hunters started chatting. One of them was very happy and said, “Today we have caught so many penguins. Now, we will sell them and make lots of money this time.” Another hunter agreed and said, “But we are doing an illegal thing by capturing these penguins. We will have to take care that the police should not catch us.”

The trapped penguins were listening to the hunters’ conversation and were scared that something bad would happen to them. Soon, the hunters picked the penguins one by one and put them in a large cage which was in the lowest room of the ship. There were around a total of 25 penguins in the cage who were locked inside. 

Penguins locked in the cage

Penguins locked in the cage

The hunters gave the key to the cage to a guard who kept it in his pocket. The guard sat near the cage all day and kept an eye on the penguins. Dubby and all the other penguins started thinking about how they could get out of the cage.

Dubby - The Hero of Penguin Story

Dubby soon came up with a plan to escape from the cage. When it was nighttime and the watchman was almost asleep, Dubby signalled to start their plan. As soon as the watchman fell asleep, a tiny penguin started to get out of the cage by trying to squeeze his small body between the two rods of the cage.

The other penguins pushed the little penguin, and with some effort, he finally got out of the cage. Everyone was overjoyed. The tiny penguin was also happy and said, “See, how my small body benefitted you all today.” The other penguins immediately whispered, “Sssshhhh,” as they feared that the guard might wake up even with the slightest sound.

The tiny penguin then went near the guard and slowly put his hand in his pocket to get the key. As soon as the penguin put his hand in the guard’s pocket, the guard moved a little but again slept. The penguin then quietly grabbed the key from his pocket and opened the lock of the cage.

Soon, all the penguins were freed. Dubby being their leader, slowly led all the penguins out of the room. The penguins then started jumping into the water one by one. They didn’t realise that their jumping made a splash sound which woke up the guard. When he saw that the penguins were escaping, he shouted to wake the other hunters, “Wake up! The penguins are running! Hurry!” But it was too late now.

The Penguins Return Home

By the time the hunters came to catch the penguins, all of them had already jumped into the water. They started swimming as fast as they could to go away from the ship, and the hunters could not catch them.


All the penguins followed Dubby, and in just a day they reached back to their homes. Their parents were very surprised and happy to see their children. All the penguins then thanked Dubby for his bravery. 

Penguins swimming back home

Penguins swimming back home

Conclusion of the Penguin Story 

So, this was the adventure of Dubby the Penguin. Did you like how Dubby showed bravery in this penguin story? You should also try to be brave in different situations. Also, if you loved this story, you will like lots of other such bedtime stories on our website. Explore the pages and enjoy!

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FAQs on Dubby The Penguin Story for Kids

1. What does Dubby teach in this penguin story?

Dubby’s presence of mind and bravery even in a difficult situation helped save the lives of others. So, he taught us to not be scared and to be brave in all situations.

2. Why should I read a bedtime story to children?

Kids’ minds are full of imagination and curiosity. Reading bedtime stories will only feed their imagination and increase their creativity. These stories also have morals which are a fun way to teach different lessons to children.