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True Friendship Story for Kids

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Friendship Story of Animals for Kids

Friends are an important part of growing up and living in society. Our friendship and companionship with others shape our personalities and help in the overall development of our character. The fondest memories of our childhood come from the time we spent together with friends and family. One of the most common and fun activities as a kid to do is to read and act stories together with our friends. 

Short stories and plays not only prove to be a great way to spend our time but can also help kids to make friends, develop an understanding of things and needless to say expand their vocabulary.  

In the article, we mention a true friendship story for kids. The premise of the story is based on a group of animals who help each other out in the face of adversity. The story is aimed to teach kids the importance of friendship. Let us look into a true friendship story. 

A Tale of True Friendship

Four animals, a deer, a tortoise, a mouse and a woodpecker, lived deep in the forest. They were best of friends. They were never seen apart. They spent a lot of time by the pond, conversing or playing.

The Four Friends, Deer, Tortoise, Mouse and Woodpecker Playing

The Four Friends, Deer, Tortoise, Mouse and Woodpecker Playing

One day a hunter arrived in the woods and set the bait behind the bushes near the water. The deer was coming out of the pond at the time. He walked right into the trap and got trapped in it. He screamed in agony.

"I've been captured," the deer screamed out to his buddies. "Please come to my aid!"

The woodpecker and tortoise raced to his aid after listening to his screams for help. When they saw the trap, they were terrified. They quickly devised a strategy.

A tortoise walked to a neighbouring burrow and fetched the mouse. The mouse and tortoise began ripping the trap open. 

The woodpecker, meanwhile, went towards the hunter's tent. The hunter had just stepped out of his tent. He had overheard the deer's screams and was eager to capture him. 

The woodpecker was quick to react and perched on his scalp. The hunter was so heavily pecked by the woodpecker that he shouted out in pain and returned to his tent to rest. The woodpecker's goal was achieved.

 He returned to the deer. The mouse and tortoise had broken and loosened the trap by that time, and the deer was released.

They hugged and swore to support one other in their times of need. The four friends were reunited and lived happily in the woods once more.

Moral of The Story

The true friendship story for kids mentioned in the article teaches an important lesson that good friends are the ones who can help us through our difficult times. In the story, as the deer was captured all the animals came together and helped each other so that the deer was finally free. Another important lesson that can be learnt from the story is to be wide in the face of adversity. The quick decision of the woodpecker and the tortoise was one of the most important reasons that freed the deer. 

To conclude the article it can be said that the true friendship story for kids is an excellent tale that can be used to teach the kids the importance of friendship and critical thinking. We hope that the story impacts the kids and motivates them to make good friends.

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FAQs on True Friendship Story for Kids

1. How was the deer caught in the trap?

All the animals in the woods, the deer, mouse, tortoise and woodpecker used to play by the pond. One day as the deer was returning from the pond he stepped into the trap set up by the hunter near the pond. As he fell into the bait he was trapped and cried out for help. Eventually, the deer was saved by his friends.

2. How did the woodpecker help the deer?

The woodpecker helped the deer by stalling the hunter and forcing him to go back into his tent. As the deer cried for help, the hunter overheard the noise and was about to reach the deer but the woodpecker made a wise decision and pecked him hard in the head. As the hunter was hurt he rested in the tent and the deer was saved.