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The Story of Chimera for Kids in English

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Such stories explain how good always wins against bad or evil in life. 

Readers will learn to always be good, even if they are falsely accused in any situation.

Introduction to the Chimera Story

Ancient Greek mythology has some of the most fascinating tales of monsters and heroes. These stories have elements of Gods, explanations of natural phenomena, and the history of the universe. These stories have been around for more than 2000 years and have greatly influenced western civilization's literature and art. 

One such interesting story in Greek mythology is chimera short stories for kids where kids would be enthralled with descriptions of the female monster chimera (a hybrid creature made of different animals) and the Corinthian Greek hero Bellerophon. The story tells the tale of how a hero, despite being in exile, remains a hero and performs heroic deeds. The story of chimera for kids would amuse children as well as give them a peek into Greek history and culture.

Origin of Chimera Fire Breathing Female Monster Story

The story of Chimera and Bellerophon comes from the glorious Greek mythology, which was used in ancient times to explain nature and the environment surrounding humankind. Greek mythology is connected with phenomena like how time passes through days, months, and years. The ancient Greeks were also deeply religious and gave explanations for the origin of different Gods and how humanity came into existence.

Chimera term was used to describe the fire breathing female monster in Greek mythology, but in modern times the same word Chimera (also referred to as Chimaera or Chimaira)  is used to describe something fictional, fantastic, grotesque, or a figment of imagination.

Summary of Chimera Short Stories for Kids

Chimera was a monster born to Typhon (a monstrous giant serpentine) and Echidna (a monster who was a part woman and part serpent) and lived in the country of Lycia. Chimera looked terrible with the face of a lion, the body of a goat’s head, and the tail of a dragon. Chimera spouted fire when she breathed and caused massive devastation in Lucia and Caria which were two districts in the Southwestern Asia minor. She had burnt many villages and fields and eaten people and cattle. The whole land was engulfed in fear of Chimera.

The King of Lucia was looking frantically for someone who could kill Chimera, but no one came forward as all were terrified of this monster. One day a young man came to the king's palace and asked for some work. King told the man about Chimera, and asked if he could fight and kill the Chimera fire breathing female monster. The young man agreed to fight but wanted to get advice from wise men on how to deal with the monster.

This young man was Bellerophon, the son of Poseidon (Greek god of rivers and seas who creates floods and storms and brings about earthquakes) or King Glaucus. Bellerophon had accidentally killed a man and was exiled by the King to the court of King of Proteus. There the queen falsely accused Bellerophon of rape (it is said that the queen was in love with Bellerophon, but Bellerophon did not encourage her as he did not want to dishonor his host, the King,) and the King sent off Bellerophon to his father-in-law's kingdom in Lucia with instructions to kill Bellerophon upon arrival.

But the King of Lucia, Isoabates,  was scared of Zeus (God of the sky and deemed as the protector, ruler, and father of all humans and Gods,) so he did not kill Bellerophon directly but sent him off to fight Chimera guessing he would die in the battle.

Once Bellerophon decided to fight Chimera, he went to meet an old Oracle who advised him to get Pegasus (a winged horse,) who could be found when Bellerophon went to the old temple of Athens and slept there. Bellerophon went to the temple and slept the night there when the Athena Goddess appeared in his dreams and handed him a magic bridle. The bridle (made of precious stones and gold) was in Bellerphon's hand when he woke up. The goddess then led him to a well to find Pegasus drinking water from the well. Bellerophon requested Pegasus to help him in his fight against the Chimera monster and together they flew over rivers and mountains to reach Lucia.

Bellerophon found Chimera in a cave and challenged the monster. There was a dreadful fight between the two, and finally, Bellerophon succeeded in annihilating Chimera. When the King heard of Bellerphon's victory, he was extremely glad and after giving him many different arduous tasks, the King decided to give his daughter for marriage to Bellerophon.

Image of Bellorphone VS Chimera

Image of Bellorphone VS Chimera

The Moral of Chimera for Kids Story

The story is one of those about the victory of good over evil. The story also tells us that even when you are falsely alleged and punished (as Bellphorn was,) you could always win a favorable position (as Beleprhon got to marry the King's daughter) with your courage and nobility.

Note to Parents

This story can give a good headstart to parents to talk about Greek mythology with children. There are many Greek mythological stories, rich with vivid descriptions (such as that of Bellerophon and Pegasus), that parents can introduce to their children to give wings to their imaginations and tickle their creativity.

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FAQs on The Story of Chimera for Kids in English

1. What is Chimera in genetics?

In genetics, Chimera is a tissue or living thing which has a minimum of two different sets of DNA (the molecule in our bodies that carries our genetic information and determines what characteristics we inherit from our parents.)

2. How did Bellerophon kill Chimera?

Goddess Athena had warned Bellerophon to kill Chimera only from the top with a lead, as that is the only way Chimera could be killed. Since Chimera was hissing out fire all the time, Bellerophon and Pegasus were unable to get closer to the monster. Finally, Bellphorne used hot and melted lead attached to the top of his spear to drive the spear through one of Chimera's mouths to kill her.

3. Was Poseidon always a negative God?

Poseidon is considered one of the most disruptive Gods but he was not always a negative force. Poseidon would tame horses and also protect mariners. Romans called Poseidon by the name Neptune.

4. Who were Oracles in Greek mythology?

Oracles of Greece were women whom God chose to impart divine advice through them. The oracles have been popular among pilgrims and great empires when people from all over the places would come to the Oracles to just ask questions and receive answers as delivered by God through them.


Such stories explain how good always wins against bad or evil in life. 

Readers will learn to always be good, even if they are falsely accused in any situation.