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The Littlest Elf - A Christmas Short Story for Kids

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An Introduction to the Christmas Elf Stories for Children

This is the most wonderful Christmas story for children. Parents inform their children that Santa's scout elves are on their way from the North Pole, and that one 'adopted' elf would visit their houses to keep an eye on them over the holidays and see if they've been nice or bad. Every day at the conclusion of the day, the elf returns to the North Pole to inform Santa of what has occurred.

Let us read about the story ‘The Littlest Elf’ from this article.

The Story: The Littlest Elf

Oliver was an elf. He lived in the North Pole with his family. In Santa's village, there were many elves, but Oliver was the tiniest. Oliver was ecstatic since it was Christmas time. He'd find out about his special task at one of Santa's workshops this year. He only needed to go to each store to discover which one was the best fit for him.

Oliver sought to develop soft teddy bears at his mother's toy workshop. However, he became confused in the huge stuffing piles! "Oliver?" inquired an elf. "I think you're too young for the toy workshop," Oliver's mother stated. Instead, why don't you assist at your father's bicycle shop?

Best Christmas Story

Best Christmas Story

As a result, Oliver visited Santa's bicycle workshop. "I'm willing to assist," he stated. Oliver stood there watching as the elves attached wheels, seats, handlebars, and bells to the vehicle. The tools, however, were far too large for Oliver's small hands. His father said "Perhaps baking is your specific profession.” "Next, you should pay a visit to your brother at the bakery!"

Oliver set off for the bakery. Sugarplum cookies and candy cane squares were created by these elves! However, when Oliver attempted to stir the cookie dough, he slipped and fell into the large mixing bowl. "Watch out, Oliver!" one of the elves has shouted. "I'm sorry, Ollie!" his brother replied. "You're too small to work in the bakery." Perhaps working in a bookmaker's shop, your specialty is."

Oliver made his way to the final of Santa's workshops, where his sister started working. There, the bookmakers created incredible stories and pictures. "Can I assist?" Oliver asked. The elves said, "Of course!" The inkpot, on the other hand, was too deep, and the stack of papers was too tall. His sister cried, "Oh Ollie." Making books was more  messy and difficult than it seems to be.

Oliver took a trip to the North Pole. He was depressed. Even as a child, Oliver understood there had to be one specific profession he could do. The sound of hooves clattering at the stables followed. A herd of reindeer had gathered inside to greet Dot, the new reindeer. She, like Oliver, was a small child.

Dot was thrilled to be able to assist Santa in flying his sleigh. She jumped, hopped, and leaped in preparation for the big night, but she couldn't fly. The mother reindeer gave her a loving kiss. Dot was still a tad too small. Dot was in a bad mood. Oliver wanted to make her feel better. Instead of finding a treatment for Dot, he delved through his pockets and discovered small trinkets from each studio he had visited. He had an idea right then!

Oliver and Dot utilised the tiny item to construct ornaments, cards, and other festive decorations for the village's hard working elves. The tiniest elf and the tiniest reindeer stuffed the sled with Christmas gifts. They distributed the gifts to all of the workshops. The elves were ecstatic with their unique gifts.

Santa was soon on his way to see what all the fuss was about! He stood there watching as Oliver and Dot made everyone laugh. Santa had a wonderful idea. "Won't you be my very essential helpers this year, Oliver and Dot, with your huge hearts and amazing Christmas cheer?" Santa inquired. After all, Oliver and Dot had discovered their specific jobs! But, more importantly, each of them had made a new friend!

Summary of the Story

This is the narrative of the smallest elf Oliver, who yearns to find his place at the North Pole but he's really eager to learn about his very unique job in Santa's workshop!

Oliver is the littlest elf just too tiniest after getting lost in the toy store, creating a mess in the bookstore, and falling in the bakery's mixing machine. He meets the tiniest reindeer, and the two friends team up to develop their own unique job: making and delivering gifts to all of the other elves. Maybe the tiniest reindeer is all he needs to remind him of the true meaning of Christmas!

Moral of the Story

The conclusion of the story is that everyone is good at something and that you should keep trying until you find your talent.

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FAQs on The Littlest Elf - A Christmas Short Story for Kids

1. Who was the littlest Elf?

Oliver was the little elf who lived with his family in the North pole. There were many other elves, but Oliver was the smallest. Oliver was looking forward to Christmas. He's quite interested in learning more about his special job in Santa's workshop!  

2. Who is the author of the story?

Brandi Dougherty is the author of the story - The Littlest Elf.