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Letter C Story for Kids

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Letter C Story and How to Write?

The Letter C Story is for the kids who are preliminary learning the English alphabet.  The letter C will be an engaging series of stories starting with the initial letter C.

In this article, we will narrate simple stories or even a paragraph starting with the letter C. Additionally, we will also learn how to write the letter C.

So, let us begin learning the letter C. 

How to Write Letter C?

Letter C is the third letter in the English alphabet. In order to write the letter C in Capital letters or small letters, you have to make curves. A bigger curve for the Capital letter C and a smaller curve for the small letter c.

The curve of the letter ‘c’ is bent towards the leftwards, making a hollow on the right side.

Let us find out how we write the letter C.

Writing letter C

Writing letter C

From the image, do you see there is a curved arrow indicating downwards? Yes, in that manner you need to write the English letter C. 

A Letter C Story - Carl and Camilla

Carl was the name of a cute cat who had creamy, white, and orange fur. He had a Camel best friend whose name was Camilla. They both decided to make cards together for Christmas. 

So, Carl carried the cardboard and the crayons. Later he got clumsy and dropped the crayons into a corner that fell into the crack.

Just then Carl spotted a castle outside the window.

Thus he went to the castle and climbed up to get more crayons and cardboard. After completing their crafts, they were very hungry.

They celebrated their crafts with some cheese and crackers.

Which are the C - Lettered Words in the Above Story? 

There were many C-lettered words in this story. But the foremost C letter word is ‘Cat’. Other C letter words were - Cute, Creamy, Carl, Camilla, Christmas, Camel, Cardboard, Crayons, Castle, Crafts, Crack, Celebrate, Cheese and Crackers. 

How to Pronounce the Letter ‘C’ - C or K?

This will often confuse the little ones - whether to use C or K. As ‘Cat’ gives the pronunciation of K also, this is actually confusing.

But make sure, your little ones know that C is for Cat while K is Kitchen.

Anyway, you can make them practice you can include this activity here:

You can take 4 cards, and then draw anything which starts with the letter C like Cat, Comb, Cap, and Crayon. Now ask them to read them aloud. This will allow them to picture the same while they spell it with the initial C. 


English Alphabet learning becomes a pioneer when your kid starts reading and writing. They must develop a sense of excitement in learning the new words and also must develop interest while learning them. Stories related to each letter will help them to do the same and will never fade their interest. Thus, letter stories must be encouraged and included in their playschool curriculum. It is definitely a fun way of learning the English Alphabet. 

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FAQs on Letter C Story for Kids

1. Name other C letter words other than in the story.

Some C letter words other than in the story are:

  • Cartoon

  • Channel

  • Chair

  • Caramel

  • Car

  • Call

  • Custard

2. What are the C and K rules?

In a single-syllable word, including the vowels - a, o, and u. C is the common pronunciation for any ‘k’ letter words. While the ‘k’ letter word is used with the vowels starting with i and e.