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Little Toy Train Story

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About the Story of Little Toy Train

This is one of the best children's adventure stories. Toy Train Story tells about a toy train that goes on an incredible journey to a beautiful place called "Tracks No More"- the point where the tracks come to an end and the train is free to explore. It encounters interesting characters along the journey and learns about friendship, teamwork, and helping people in need.

The Toy Trains are computer-generated cartoon characters who travel across real scenic backgrounds, all of which combine to give the story a realistic approach.

Now let us read the story.

The Little Toy Train Story

Little Toy Train was a goods train. He was equipped with a shiny engine, three wagons, a cool van, and a bright red guard's van. "CHUG-CHUG!" he cheerfully said whenever he sped around his track in a single part of the playroom. As he raced along the well-worn path, his bell tinkled.

Train story for kids

Train Story for Kids

The modest community, with its stations and stores, residences and trees, and church, was first. Then there was a steep hill that he trudged up slowly but zipped down in a flash! Then there was the long, black mountain tunnel and the sparkling blue lake bridge. He returned to the village station.

"It's always the same!" Little Toy Train said after numerous journeys around the railway track. I fly down the hill every time I chug up it. I pass through the tunnel every time I speed down the slope. I cross the bridge every time I exit the tunnel. After that, I'm back at the station. I wish I could try something new for a change!" His request was not granted, at least not at the time.

When everything was silent one night, Little Toy Train discovered that someone had taken him off his track and forgotten to replace him. He could see his village through the windows because of the moonlight, but he didn't know how to get there. He made an attempt to move. "CHUG-CHUG!" he exclaimed slowly at first, then quickly. The Little Toy Train started moving. His gleaming wheels spun in circles. Like a firefly, his headlight flashed on and off. His bell jingled joyfully. "I can move without a track!" he said joyfully. "Now I'm free to try anything new." "CHUG-CHUG!" he exclaimed as he went beneath a tricycle's wheels.

His light went out and he struck with something soft. "Ouch, Little Toy Train, do look where you're going," someone exclaimed. The headlight of Little Toy Train blinked on once more. He realized he'd run into Teddy Bear. He apologized, "I'm sorry!" "When I get off track and do something different, my light doesn't function very well." Please forgive me!". The teddy bear said, "That's all right.", as he was not wounded.

Teddy Bear and the other toys sat beside him while the Little Toy Train chugged along in front of them: Baby Doll, Rocking Horse, Furry Kitten, Cowboy, and Cuddly Dog. They all gave him a friendly smile. "You appear to be having a great time, Little Toy Train," Cowboy noticed. He replied, "Indeed, I'm doing something different." "How about giving me a ride?" Cowboy said. "I'll pretend to be riding a horse on top of your guard's van." "All right," Little Toy Train said.

Little Toy Train rushed over the floor with Cowboy in his guard's van. Suddenly, a large round object appeared in front of him: a red rubber ball. He was well aware that he would never be able to come to a complete stop in time to avert a collision. But something weird happened as he collided with the ball. The ball had already rolled away. Little Toy Train repeated it again and again because it was so amusing. Cowboy screamed, "This is more fun than riding the horseback!" Cowboy laughed so hard that he fell from the van when Little Toy Train crashed into the ball again. Little Toy Train decided he'd had enough of riding and continued on his own.

He chugged by toy soldiers and a drum, as well as a doll's house and an airplane. He was having so much fun that he didn't notice that his headlight had gone out again. He didn't realize he couldn't see anything until he realized he couldn't see anything at all. Even the moonlight had faded away. He'd zoomed in on a toy tent. He said, "I'm lost." He went around in circles attempting to find a way out, but there was no way to see anything without a light.

Someone suddenly rubbed against him. He was frightened. He requested assistance. "Don't be alarmed, Little Toy Train," says the narrator. Furry Kitten is my name. I can see in the dark because of my green eyes. I'll assist you! I'll pull you out if you let me tie my tail into your bumper." Furry Kitten, as it turned out, was the one who did it. He dragged Little Toy Train back to the starting point of his night's adventure.

Little Toy Train chugged up and down the hill, through the tunnel, across the bridge, and through the village to the station later that day, after someone had replaced him. His bell tinkled a little louder now, and his "CHUG-CHUG!" sounded more cheerful than it had before. Little Toy Train's dream had been granted: he had done something unique!

Moral of the Story

The Little Toy Train Story is a kid story that beautifully depicts the love of adventure and trying out new things. The train in the story always wanted to try out new things and later when his wish was granted he happily was placed in his usual place. The story teaches us an important lesson to be courageous enough to try out new adventures in life. Also, it emphasises the importance of having good friends as the little toy train would have not returned to its place without the help of the furry cat.


This was the complete narrative of the little toy train story. We hope that kids would greatly enjoy this story and it would create a curiosity for literature among them. To conclude, we would like to emphasise the importance of stories and poems in the overall understanding of the English language for kids. 

While reading stories is entertaining, the morals and lessons learned in these stories can aid in the personality development of children. Storytelling is a pleasant approach for kids to learn about moral principles like kindness, empathy, and hard work. In addition, reading stories can help youngsters expand their vocabulary and creativity.

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FAQs on Little Toy Train Story

1. What does a little toy train have?

The little toy train carried goods. He had a shining engine, three wagons, a stylish van, and a few other things.

2. What are the various sources available for children to read the Little Toy Train story?

Children can find text, videos, and books to learn and understand the poem. They can also learn the story of this toy train from Vedantu.