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The Ghost Bro: Short Scary Stories for Kids

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The Horror Story of the Ghost Brother

Do you like hearing the stories of ghosts and spirits? We have a horror story for you, which will make you feel goosebumps! The horror story of the ghost brother is about a boy and his ghost brother, based on an incident that happened in 1904.  The narrator recalls the story of his brother finding a ghost in his basement, and others think that the ghost brother is the narrator. Interesting, isn’t it?  If you like hearing horror stories, then let us read the story of the boy meeting the ghost bro!

Illustration of a Ghost

Illustration of a Ghost

What is the Story About? 

The story is set in Spain in 1904. A child’s home was a single-family home, made out of wood on a solid concrete floor. They lived in the house for 14 years, and out of all the strange things that happened in the house, this incident relates to his brother, who saw a dark figure and thought it was his brother. The story is narrated by the author, as they recall the incident that happened 12 years before they moved out of their house. 

Ghost Bro Story

The Spanish Rock Band

Twelve years ago, the narrator’s brother made a band called “The Spanish Rock Band” with his friends, where they sang Spanish songs together. They would start practising early in the morning, and by 8 pm they were done for the day. The narrator came after, completing his work in a cemetery. 

The Night of the Incident

The incident happened late at night. The discussion with the band ended much later in the night, when they decided they would discuss it more at someone else’s house, and started to go out. The narrator’s brother gave the keys to his car to his friend, so they can keep the instruments inside the car. His friends sat inside the truck, while the brother went on the way inside the house to see if they left anything. 

While taking up the things, the brother remembered to take the unfinished pancakes which were inside the basement, the place where they were practising beforehand, in a container. The basement had very little light at night, and it was not clean as before. The brother did not notice the things inside the basement and took the container of pancakes before he found something in the corner.

A Ghost Following a Person

A Ghost Following a Person

Meeting the Ghost Bro

From the side, he saw a figure that was not clear, and covered in the darkness, as if it was a shadow! He was a little scared to see that, as the figure was standing still, with no movement. 

The mother of the narrator and his brother told them in the past, “If you see any spirit or ghost, or have a feeling of uneasiness, just start praying to god, or do not pay attention and move away.” His brother did the latter, saying “Go away! I do not have time for you.” before walking out of the basement.

The brother started walking outside the basement to the stairs while switching off the lights on the way. He could feel a presence behind his back as if someone was watching him or walking behind him, but he decided to not pay attention to that or turn his back to see what it was. After switching off all the lights in the house, as it got dark, he walked fast to reach his car to meet his friends, who were waiting for him. When he reached, he was thinking, “I was getting worried about having a ghost for nothing, there might be nothing behind me.” 

When he sat inside the car, his friend asked “Hey, what about your brother? Isn’t your brother coming with us?” and the brother replied “What do you mean? He went to work early in the evening, do you see his car anywhere?”

The next question asked by his friend made the brother feel goosebumps, as he asked, “Then who was it who was following behind you when you were leaving the house?”

Moral of the Story 

The moral of the story is to always trust your inner feelings when you feel uneasy. 


The horror story of the ghost bro talks about a person’s encounter with a ghost, who he thought is his brother. The ghost bro story is a famous tale in Spain, as it is based on a real horror encounter between the narrator’s brother. When the brother saw the shadow, he decided to not pay attention to it, but later on, his friends pointed out the shadow that was following, which they thought was his brother. This is an interesting story to tell your children as bedtime stories.

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FAQs on The Ghost Bro: Short Scary Stories for Kids

1. What did the narrator’s brother feel after seeing the shadow?

Even though frightened by the presence of the shadow in the basement, he decided to trust his instinct and not pay attention to the figure. 

2. What is the best time to tell kids ghost stories?

Any time is the best time but for the parents, the best time to tell the children about ghost stories is the night before they go to sleep. These stories could be part of good bedtime stories for them. However, you need to ensure that they do not sleep scared and worried.

3. How should you tell a ghost story after reading the ghost bro story?

After reading the ghost bro story, it is understandable that there is no specified method on how you can narrate the story. However, you can prepare a nice spooky environment with blankets and dim lights, which shall keep the kids engaged in the story as well.