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Interesting Bedtime Story of Hua Mulan for Kids

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Mulan is a tale of a woman who imposters as a guy and joins the army. The story describes the valor she showed to the world that how being a woman was hard to be recognised. The story starts with a struggle China was reeling under during the great war. This great Mulan despite thinking of the odds stood up for her country.

This story will give you a description of this girl and the moral on how to live a courageous life.

You will also get to know how to build up these abilities. Now, let us start with the story of Mulan.

The Short Story of a Hua Mulan

The story of Mulan

The Story of Mulan

A long time ago, China was struggling in the middle of an enormous war. The Emperor said that one person from each family must leave his family to join the army. Mulan, a teenage girl who resided in a faraway village, heard the news while she was outside washing clothes.

After hearing this, Mulan hurriedly ran into the house and asked her father who was sitting in a chair, carving a piece of wood. “Father!" she said. "Did you listen to what the Emperor says each family ought to do?” 

“Yes," my dear, “I heard about it in town.  Well, I'll go as well.”  He put down his carving, stepped up and went to his room.

“Wait!” said Mulan, “Father, I know you have not been well.  If I join the army, why at your age must you keep up with all those young men?”

Mulan went into her room.  With her sword, she cut off her lengthy, black hair. She put on her father’s robe.  Going back to her father, Mulan stated, “Look at me.  I am your son now.  I will go to your place.  I will do my part for China.”

“No, my daughter!” stated the old man. “You can not do this!”

Father listen please," stated Mulan.  “For years, you skilled me in Kung Fu.  You showed me the way to use a sword.”  Mulan swung the sword to-and-fro with might.

“Only so you could live safely!” stated her father.  “I never intended for you to visit war.  If they discover you're a woman, you know in addition to what I do that you may die!”

“No one will discover, Father,” stated Mulan.  She picked up her sword.

"Mulan!" stated the Father.  He attempted to stand up but had to hold on to his chair. 

The daughter kissed him goodbye.  "I love you, Father," she stated.  "Take care of yourself.  Tell my brother I said goodbye." She climbed on her family horse.  And off she went to enroll in the Emperor’s army.

In the army, Mulan was evinced to be a courageous soldier.  In time, she was put in the charge of different soldiers.  Her battles went so nicely that she became put in the rate of more soldiers.  Her battles kept on going nicely.  After some years Mulan was given the pinnacle job - she could be General of the entire army.  

Not long after that, a completely horrific fever swept via the army.  Many soldiers were sick.  And Mulan got sick too, the General of the army. 

When the doctor came out of Mulan's tent, he knew the truth.

“The General is a woman?” yelled the soldiers.  “How can this be?”  Some referred to it as, “She tricked us!” and “We will not fight for a woman!” They stated, “Punish her!  Make her pay!  The price is for her to die!” 

But others called out in loud voices, “With Mulan, we have a beach battle!”  They stated, “Stay far from our General!”

Just then, a soldier ran up.  “Everyone!" he called.  "A surprise attack is coming!”   

Mulan heard this from inside her tent.  She got dressed and went outside.  She was not but strong, however, stood tall.  She instructed the soldiers in which they should go to conceal so they might attack whilst the enemy came.  But they must reach fast!  The soldiers, even those who did not like that their General became a woman, could inform that Mulan knew what she was speaking about.

The Emperor was so satisfied that Mulan had ended the long war, he set apart the rule about being a woman.  “Mulan, live with me in the palace,” he stated. “Someone as clever as you'll be a first-class royal adviser.”  

Mulan bowed deeply.  “You are too kind, Sir,” she stated.  “But in case you please.  What I aspire most of all is to return home to my family.”

“Then at least take these fine gifts,” stated the Emperor. "So anybody at your house village will understand how much the Emperor of China thinks of you."

Mulan returned to her village with six fine horses and 6 fine swords. Everyone cheered that she was safe.  The individual who had saved China became their very own Mulan!

So, we conclude that hard work pays off and one should be ready to face the odds. One who has the courage to face things wins the game of life.

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FAQs on Interesting Bedtime Story of Hua Mulan for Kids

1. What do you learn from the story of Mulan?

One should be bold enough to face the challenges.

A person who has a strong desire to achieve something has to leave his family and resist the emotions because when you have an aim, you have to be very strong from the inside, this is what we learn from the story of Mulan.

2. What is moral courage?

Moral courage is like helping someone come out of the dark even if it means being hard.

3. What are the 3 elements of moral courage?

One should understand that moral courage is the bridge between talking about values and actually implementing them And it includes three elements: 

  • Dangers, 

  • Principles, and 

  • Daring.