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The Dog and the Elephant - Dog Stories for Kids

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Introduction to the Dog Story: Friendship of Dog with Elephant

A monarch once resided in a palace, and he was quite fond of all animals, especially dogs. The king had many animals like dogs, horses, parrots, elephants, cows, monkeys, and bulls in his palace, and he took good care of all animals. King was fond of dogs especially, but one of them is his favourite and that dog was extremely tiny, frail, and resided beneath the elephant's stable. The dog was served delicious food every day but the dog liked the wonderful aroma of the sweet rice that was served to the elephant and it always captivated the dog. Let us read what happens next with the dog.

The Sneaking Dog

The dog entered the elephant's barn secretly one fine day since it couldn't resist the aroma of the food. The elephant got to know about it, dropped delicious rice, and was consumed by the dog. The dog enjoyed it a lot. It started coming daily and devouring the rice. The elephant was too preoccupied devouring the tasty sweet rice to notice this.

The Dog offered Friendship

The dog became stronger and bigger as the days went by. The elephant and other animals became aware of the dog as a result of this change. Gradually, the dog and elephant became friends and enjoyed each other's company. The dog used to eat from its plate. Together, they shared meals, activities, and sleep. They became really good friends and didn't want to be apart.

The elephant and the Dog

The Elephant and The Dog

The Dog was Sold

A commoner saw the dog one day, liked its cuteness, and wanted to buy it. Even though he paid to sell the dog, the animal keeper of the king never saw it. The man brought the dog to his remote village. The elephant was devastated by this separation from the dog. After that, the elephant began to disregard everything and stopped eating, drinking, and even taking a wash.

The dog

The Dog 

The Intelligent Minister

The animal keeper (caretaker) informed the king of the elephant's condition. However, the caretaker kept the king in the dark regarding his favourite dog. The minister was given instructions by the monarch to determine the reason behind this condition. The physical health was normal, but why was the elephant so dejected? he wondered. He asked about other animals too, but the caretaker didn’t tell him about the dog. Then the minister asked the dog's keeper several questions. The dog's keeper revealed every detail. “Once upon a time, an elephant and a dog shared a close relationship. Three days ago, a stranger abducted the dog. The minister came to the conclusion that the elephant lost a close buddy.”

They Reunited

The minister gave the king information concerning the elephant's condition and his cause for sadness. The minister claimed that the elephant feels lonely without his canine companion. The keeper was asked by the king where the dog was, but he was unaware of it. 

A statement, "That whoever has the dog that used to dwell in the royal shed would be penalised," was published by the king. The individual who took the dog quickly released him. The dog sprinted over to the elephant's barn right away. The elephant and dog were overjoyed to meet his canine pal. With his trunk, the elephant pulled up the dog and forced him to perch on his head. The dog wagged his tail. The dog's happiness made the king exceedingly happy. For his sound judgement, the king gave the minister a reward. Following that, the dog and elephant both led contented lives.

The elephant and the Dog reunited

The Elephant and The Dog Reunited


True friendships cannot be separated. In other words, even if friends are separated geographically, their friendship will make it seem as though they are constantly close by. The dog and the elephant in this story were good pals. They dined together, engaged in joint activities, and slept together. The dog was unable to accept their separation and was quite upset. Then they reunited and the dog's suffering has gone away with the happiness of togetherness.

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FAQs on The Dog and the Elephant - Dog Stories for Kids

1. What is friendship according to this story?

Friendship is an affectionate bond between individuals. Compared to an "acquaintance" like a student, neighbour, etc., it is a greater type of interpersonal connection like dog and elephant have in this story. Children are more inclined to share with someone they regard to be a friend since most kids characterise friendship in terms of things like sharing.

2. What purpose does friendship of dog and elephant serve?

The impact of friendships on the happiness and mental health is significant which is showed in story. Stress is reduced, comfort and delight are given, and loneliness and isolation are avoided by having good companions. Many of us have trouble making new friends and lasting friendships but like dog and elephant friendship teaches us to make friends as it enhance emotional health, and general well-being.

3. How are dogs useful to humans?

Pets, especially dogs and cats can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness, and even improve your cardiovascular health. Caring for an animal can help children grow up more secure and active. Pets also provide valuable companionship for older adults.