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The Chicken Story - Who Deserves a Holiday More?

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We all work throughout the year or week and enjoy holidays like summer vacations or weekends. Just imagine a situation where somebody gets a holiday without doing much work at all. Won’t that make you angry? Something like that happened to the chickens in Farmer Tim’s farm. Let’s find out exactly what made the chickens and others angry in the following chicken story.

Chester Chicken’s Holiday 

One day, Chester Chicken asked all the other chickens to gather around because he wanted to make an announcement. The chickens came running and flocked around him. Even the cows came to see what this was all about. Chester Chicken announced that the chickens were taking a holiday. He asked all the other chickens to get ready and to start putting their fancy clothes on. 

A chicken Enjoying a Holiday at the Beach

A chicken Enjoying a Holiday at the Beach

Daisy the cow asked Chester why they were taking a holiday all of a sudden. To this, Chester replied that the chickens had done a lot of work that week, laying 10 eggs. Daisy agreed that laying 10 eggs for 5 chickens is really some work. She asked Chester to enjoy the holiday.

Suddenly, the other cows came and asked Daisy why they wouldn’t get to have a holiday. They said that they had delivered 100 pails of milk for Farmer Tim, which would produce a lot of cheese for him! They were only 10 cows. Daisy gave it some thought and realised that the cows were right. They indeed needed a holiday. But she told them that the cows and the chickens could not take a holiday in one day. Farmer Tim would get angry. 

An Angry Cow

An Angry Cow

The cows moved to a grassy field to have some breakfast, and while chewing on grass, they told the trees about what had happened. The trees started getting angry as some of them had shed a thousand apples that season, while others had dropped a million cherries. They thought they deserved a holiday more than anyone else!

An Angry Tree

An Angry Tree

There was a rake lying around there, and it stood up hearing all the commotion. He said that he had alone raked a million leaves that year. He sounded very tired and desperately in need of a holiday. 

An Angry Rake

An Angry Rake

Suddenly, Rowdy Rooster came around and jumped onto the fence. He crowed loud and strong, trying to wake up Farmer Tim and the other animals. But Farmer Tim didn’t wake up. Rowdy crowd one last time. This time, Farmer Tim had risen, but he sleepily announced that he had done a lot of work that week, so he would take a holiday that day!


Not always do we get what we deserve, and there are times when people deserving less get more than us. This generally is not fair, and it often makes us angry. But getting angry about things that are not in our hands is not going to solve anything. Therefore, we should let go of such emotions and wait for our turn patiently, or at least enjoy what we already have.

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FAQs on The Chicken Story - Who Deserves a Holiday More?

1. Did Farmer Tims deserve the holiday?

It is not possible to tell whether Farmer Tim deserved his holiday or not, but given the situation described in this chicken story, the animals, the trees, and even the rake did more work than Farmer Tim. So, ideally, they deserved a holiday more than Farmer Tim.

2. Why did Rowdy Rooster not ask for a holiday?

Rowdy Rooster crows every morning, diligently, and never fails to do his duty. But he is different from others, and he may not require a holiday as much as others do. His work might not be as tiring as that of the others. Maybe that is why he didn’t ask for a holiday!