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The Elephant and The Sparrow Story

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The story starts with the sparrow, her kids and the Elephant. The Elephant is the culprit in the story who destroys the sparrow’s new born eggs. That was the point where the fire of revenge started in the mama sparrow for her kids. She makes out a plan with her other friends in order to take revenge from him that was successfully implemented.

The Elephant and the Sparrow

The Elephant and The Sparrow

The Elephant and The Sparrow Characters 

  • The Mama Sparrow

  • The Woodpecker

  • The frog

  • The Elephant

The Beginning

Once upon a time, a sparrow and her spouse called a banyan tree home. The sparrow placed her eggs in the nest that they had constructed. A wild elephant came under the tree one afternoon when it could no longer stand the heat of the sun. A branch of the tree on which the nest was placed was suddenly broken by the elephant in a fit of anger. Sadly, even though the parents of the sparrow were saved, all of the eggs were crushed. She started crying in grieving for her eggs.

The Grief

A close friend of the sparrow, a woodpecker, overheard her weeping and asked of her, moved by her grief, "Why are you crying, my friend?" "The cruel elephant has murdered my kids," the mother sparrow cried. 

If you're one of my real friends, suggest a plan to punish him,” said the mama sparrow. The woodpecker comforted her by saying that he knew a fly who would undoubtedly support them in teaching the elephant a lesson.

The woodpecker, fly and the frog scheming against the Elephant

The Woodpecker, Fly and the Frog Scheming Against the Elephant

The Scheming of All Three

Together, they went to ask the fly for help. The woodpecker introduced her to the fly and said, "This is my best friend. The elephant in the wild crushed her eggs. You must design a method to destroy the elephant. We need your support.” The fly responded, "The frog is one of my friends. Let's go see him and ask for his help.” The fly, the woodpecker, and the mother sparrow went to the frog and told him the complete story.

Revenge Accomplished

What can an elephant accomplish in front of such a strong group as us?” The frog asked. “Follow my instructions. When the sun is up in the sky, dear fly, you visit the elephant and sing a pleasant melody into his ears. The woodpecker will suck his eyeballs out of him as he closes his eyes in joy. He will go blind like this. He will seek out water when he becomes thirsty. I'm going to a pond and will start shouting there. The elephant will go there because he believes there is water nearby. He'll die by sinking into the marshy land”. 

The plan turns out exactly as thought by them, and the elephant dies in the marshy area.

The elephant died

The Elephant Died

The Elephant and The Sparrow Summary

On a banyan tree, two sparrows lived peacefully in their tiny nest. The female sparrow built a nest and placed eggs in it. An elephant visited the tree one morning in search of shade from the hot sun. The angry elephant tore a branch off the tree because it was so hot. Unfortunately, the nest was on that branch, and the little children died. 

The mother sparrow planned revenge against the elephant with the help of her companions. The woodpecker, the fly and the frog led the elephant into a marshy area in search of water, where he fell and died.

The Elephant and The Sparrow Moral

  • Intelligence is mightier than bravery.

  • A friend in need is a friend indeed.

  • Wit is superior to brute force.

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FAQs on The Elephant and The Sparrow Story

1. How did the elephant harm the sparrows?

The sparrows were soon to welcome their young because the female sparrow had put her eggs in the nest. The elephant once lost control because it couldn't stand the summer sun's heat. He damaged the tree branches that were supporting the sparrow couple's nest as he was moving along. So, the sparrow’s eggs were destroyed.

2. How did the sparrow and his friends take revenge or punish the elephant?

The sparrow and his friends planned and schmed about how they will fool the elephant by making a quack-quack sound so he will think there is a duck nearby and the water. By that, he will fell into the ditch and die.

3. Who took the eyeballs of the elephant and how?

The woodpecker took the eyeballs of the elephant with the help of his beak. He stabbed his beak into the eyes of the elephant, which made him blind.