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The Faithful Dog (Old Sultan)

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Story of Old Sultan

As we all know, dogs are the cutest and friendliest animals on the earth. They are always loyal to their owners. Today, we will read the story of a dog and its owner. The story is about an old dog whose name is the Sultan. He lived with a family right from his childhood. But when he became old, his owner thought that Sultan had become useless and decided to leave him in the forest. However, when he went to the forest, a tragedy happened and the owner felt guilty about leaving his dog in the forest. Let’s dive into the story to read what happened to Sultan and if his owner took him back or not.

Old Sultan, The Dog

Old Sultan, The Dog

Sultan - The Faithful Dog

Once there was a family who lived in a village. They owned a dog for 12 years whose name was Sultan. The Sultan was very faithful toward the family. But now, he had grown too old and couldn’t serve the family. He had lost all teeth. One day, his owner told his wife that he would be leaving Sultan in a forest so that they could get rid of him. 

The Old Sultan heard the conversations between the owner and his wife. In the evening, he went for a walk with teary eyes and thought about all the security and love that he had given to them in the past years. Sultan came across a wolf and became friends with him. The Sultan told the wolf the whole story. So, the wolf decided to help him. He made a plan to make the Sultan's owner feel that he was doing wrong. 

Sultan and the Wolf

Sultan and The Wolf

The next day, the owner and his wife took Sultan with them to the forest to leave him there. They open the sultan’s belt and leave him. They were on their way home but forgot the way because it was dark in the forest. The sound of wild animals was echoing. They were afraid and took their steps fast. 

It was the right time to execute the plan which the wolf and dog planned together. Wolf was coming near his owner and acted like he was going to bite him. His owner shouts loudly and asks the sultan to rescue him from the wolf. The Sultan was seeing everything. 

He ran very fast and barked at the wolf. The wolf ran away in fear. His owner and wife were safe as Sultan bravely rescued them from the wolf. The Sultan's owner was guilty and felt sorry for the old Sultan. He said, “Not a hair shall be hurt and you shall eat my bread as long as you live”. He thanked the old Sultan for rescuing him from the wolf. They took Sultan back  to their home. From that day onwards, the old Sultan was as well off as he could wish to be. 

The Moral of the Story

A dog  is for a lifetime. They are not things you keep and abandon when you desire. You must take care of them as a family member and carry out all responsibilities towards them.


In this story, we learn the responsibility of a pet owner and the nature of a dog. Old Sultan is the story of a faithful dog, whose people aren’t so faithful to him. Dogs are very faithful and can do anything for their owner. As a responsible human, we should always take care of our pet for a lifetime. So we should also implement this thing in our life to be faithful and loyal whether it’s animal or to be with humans.

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FAQs on The Faithful Dog (Old Sultan)

1. Was it fair for the master to abandon the old Sultan?

No, it was not fair to leave the old Sultan in the forest. Nobody has the right to make anyone homeless because when we own a pet in our home, it is our responsibility to take care of the pet for a lifetime. It is like one of the family members in our house. Dogs are very kind and loyal. They need love and affection which we people can give them. After living for years, they also get attached to us and consider us their own. That is why if we raise a dog, we must take responsibility for a lifetime. And nobody has the right to make them homeless.

2. What has this story taught us?

This story is all about responsibility and loyalty. When an individual owns a pet, it means he takes responsibility for the pet for his entire life. The pet sees him as a parent. But when the pet becomes old, the owner feels that the pet has become useless and leaves him alone or kills him. But it is wrong. This story taught us that dogs are the most loyal animals on the earth. They love their owners and deserve unconditional love in return. 

3. Why does the owner decide to get rid of the old Sultan? What does he say to his wife?

Sultan’s owner wanted to get rid of him because he thought that Sultan had grown old and that he could no longer protect them or be of any use to them. The owner tells his wife that the old Sultan had become useless to them and he would not be able to take care of their house. They decided to get rid of him in a forest.