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A Brother and a Little Sister Story for Kids

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Introduction to A Brother and a Little Sister Story for Kids

We will have a lot of fun reading the stories, which is a great method to expand your vocabulary. Using various voices for every character and an emotive voice for dramatic passages will make reading the stories more enjoyable. In this tale, a brother and his sister's love and affection are shown. In this tale, a brother and sister are shown to be tender toward one another.

A Story about Big Brother Drew and His Baby Sister Remi

Little Remi's older brother Drew, is dozing off on the couch during a routine afternoon nap. He is sound asleep, but Remi, perhaps with some help from their mother, wants her older brother to be awake so they can play.

Drew and Remi

Drew and Remi

The 8-month-old infant is moving around on all fours while wearing a sweet peach flower and polka dot outfit. She clearly wants to play when her older brother Drew, aged 3 years, wakes up from his nap. She cries out to him and makes many attempts to say his name before crawling over to the couch.

Remi Constantly Trying to Wake Drew

Remi smiles broadly when she turns to face her mother. She is all grins, clearly a contented teething infant, and she doesn't require any encouragement to approach her brother and grip his dangling hand while dragging a book behind her. 

Remi pulls herself up and stands in front of him and brushes his face after trying to contact his hand. Big brother Drew is not responding to his little sister's attempts to wake him up because he is out like a light. She looks uncertainly at her mother for support before recommitting to the effort. 

Now, while her mother smiles softly, she grips Drew's wrist and even gags a little in his face. Remi speaks loudly while touching Drew's lips with her finger as he stirs but doesn't wake up. He continues to sleep, leaving Remi unclear about what to do next. She turns to her mother, who murmurs, "Find him. Bring Drew."

Little sister waking up her big brother

Little Sister Waking up her Big Brother

Remi’s Continuous Strive

The 8-month-old responds by bouncing a little bit and stooping forward to shove her hand in her brother's face. Although the intended result is not achieved, Remi is not one to quit quickly. Remi tries harder to get Drew out of his nap with the support of her mother.

She redoubles her efforts, putting pressure on Drew's arms and face. The child rolls over after briefly opening his eyes to look at his baby sister. She gives her mother a bewildered face and her mother mutters, "What took place? How did Drew fare?" Remi only needs to be gently prodded by her mother for her to lastly reach out to her brother.

This appears to work since Drew finally rolls over to get up from the couch. As soon as Drew gets to his feet, big brother leans down, hugs little sister, and kisses her. It is a precious moment that will make you swoon uncontrollably. Despite her waking him up from his nap, Drew is obviously patient and adores his little sister.

Drew kisses his little sister Remi

Drew Kisses his Little Sister Remi

Drew Woke Up

Drew wipes his drool off his face without even seeming to mind as he approaches his mother. Clearly delighted that her brother is awake, sister Remi squawks joyfully in satisfaction at having fulfilled her task.

Brother and Sister Bond

There is no denying the siblings' relationship. Although their friendship evolves as the kids become older, they are frequently one other's first playmates and closest pals. A lovely and fulfilling lifelong connection can result from it. Certainly the case with these two endearing siblings.


Two devoted young children, older brother Drew and his little sister Remi, are the focus of the tale. Drew had been soundly dozing on the couch for his afternoon nap, but his younger sister Remi already had woken up. Remi then  wanted to play with his sibling by waking him up. Remi worked tirelessly to rouse her brother up, and she eventually succeeded. The amazing closeness between the siblings is beautifully captured in the story about the two siblings.

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FAQs on A Brother and a Little Sister Story for Kids

1. What point is the story trying to make?

The bond between brothers and sisters is special. The brother shown in this tale is particularly devoted to his sister. The moral of the story is that a sister and a brother make the best friends and companions, respectively. In this tale, Remi and Drew were deeply in love with one another. As soon as Drew rises from the couch, the older sibling hugs and loves his younger sibling. It will make us swoon uncontrollably since it is such a priceless moment.

2. Does Drew adore Remi, his sister?

Indeed, Drew adores his sister dearly. Remi made an earnest effort to play with her brother by rousing him. Drew stirs but he doesn't wake up while Remi speaks loudly and touches his lips with her finger. He keeps on dozing off, leaving Remi unsure of what to do. She intensifies her assault, applying pressure to Drew's face and arms. Drew eventually turns over to get up from the couch, so it seems to be working. Big brother cuddles and loves tiny sister as soon as Drew gets to his feet. Remi was such a cute and caring brother that Drew was never annoyed when he woke him.