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Birthday Party Short Story In English For Kids

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Story helps kids to connect with their emotions and work as a guide of how they should behave in similar situations. This story “The birthday Party” will help kids to learn following lessons:

  • How to behave when you are scared

  • Do not trust strangers and how to take care of yourself

Introduction To the Birthday Party Short Story

This story is yet another well-known moral story in the children's category. This story is more like an adventurous loudge of a courageous little girl. The whole story revolves around the little girl's experience when she went to her best friend's birthday party. This story might be a real experience of the author Sara Ibrahim when she was a kid. This Happy birthday story is a sweet and simple story with a very clear meaning. Through the medium of this story, the author tried to share the fear she felt and convey the lesson she learned that day. Given below is the birthday party short story analysis in the form of a summary.

Birthday Party Short Story Summary in English

The story is about a little girl who gets invited to her best friend's birthday party. The girl was a joy as both her parents allowed her to go, but she must return before 10. The next day after school her father dropped her at the party. She played games, danced, and enjoyed herself a lot, soon she noticed the time and left the party. She went out and began waiting for her father, who didn't come for a long time. She then began walking towards home, and suddenly heard someone shouting behind her. The little girl got scared and ran hard till she reached her home. After reaching home she found out that the person running after her was her own father. Everyone laughed and praised the girl for acting bravely.

The Birthday Party Short Story

Long ago when I used to study at a local, I remember the time when my dear best friend called me late at night on Saturday. She invited me to her birthday on Sunday, which was tomorrow. I couldn't stop thinking about the party as I was very excited to meet lots of friends. But I also had to take permission from my parents first. So I quietly went to my father's room and requested in a low tone, "Dad my best friend is throwing her birthday party tomorrow and I want to go please!". Dad immediately nodded her head, smiled, and said " I don't mind at all but first ask your mom". I smiled and ran to the kitchen and said " my dear mom". She turned and replied instantly " What is it you want?". I was utterly shocked and asked, " How do you know I was gonna ask you something".She grinned and replied, "I am your mother, after all, also your face shows you want something". I told her everything about my best friend's party and lastly, she said "fine you can go to the party but only if you promise to return before 10". Immediately after listening to this, I began with my preparations. First, I made a very beautiful and creative birthday card for her by myself. Then I started selecting my clothes for tomorrow. Finally, after finishing the work I went to sleep, but I couldn't as I couldn't stop thinking about the party. The next day I woke up, without any alarm signal neither of my mom's scolding but out of excitement. 

Finally, at night my Dad dropped me at the party and said "I will be back at 10 so wait for me until I come". I replied in a hurry " Yes sure dad!" and ran inside. I was very happy at the party and enjoyed it a lot, even my best friend liked my handmade card a lot and she thanked me. Everyone at the party was appreciating my dress, it felt like I was on cloud nine. We then had dinner, played games, and had juices. Suddenly I remembered that I have to reach home by 10 so I went out and began waiting for my dad. I waited for 10-20 long minutes but dad didn't come. So I decided to head back home on my own, as it was only 15 minutes away. I began walking all alone in the dark, not even a single person was around. I started crying as I felt very frightened. Suddenly I heard a voice, someone was shouting something. I got scared and began walking fast, soon I heard loud footsteps following me. I thought it might be a ghost or someone bad. Now I started running, just a little ahead I saw some parked cars and I hid behind one of the cars. The next minute I saw a huge shadow looking out for me. 

As soon as the shadow vanished I ran with all my might and stopped only after reaching home. I went inside and hugged my mother while crying loudly. I told my mom about everything that happened, and she got scared. Suddenly my father came and saw me, he said: " hey what happened to you? I was calling you before but you began running, I even looked for you". Then I understood everything, who I thought as a ghost was my father. Everyone began laughing and I was relieved. My parents appreciated me and called me brave. At night I slept with my parents and I felt very safe and happy.


Graphical representation of the happy birthday story

Graphical Representation of the Happy Birthday Story

Moral of the Birthday Party Short Story

The story holds a very crucial moral and life lesson for kids. In today's world kids are not safe anywhere, even in their own homes. Although, for kids being around their parents is the safest place for them. Therefore, the moral of the story is that kids should not wander alone at night time. Even if their parents have asked them to wait, they must wait and stay with someone trusted till the time their parents reach. Therefore, children must react bravely if any such situation comes to life, and run to any safe place immediately.

Note To Parents

This is one of the best stories to tell your children. As a parent, it is very important to tell your children to stay safe, maintain distance from strangers, and other life lessons. Telling stories is for sure the best way to make them understand. Even at school students are made aware of such things via visual videos or stories. Telling stories to your child helps in developing and shaping the mind of the young ones. As children are gullible it is very easy to shape their thinking and behavior. Thus, telling fables casually or during bedtime can help your child in developing good habits, behavior, and thinking.

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FAQs on Birthday Party Short Story In English For Kids

1. What did the writer do out of the party's excitement?

The girl eagerly began to prepare a birthday card for her friend herself, she also took out and prepared the dress she would be wearing tomorrow.

2. What condition did the parents put in return for allowing them to go to the party?

The parents told the girl to be back home before 10 PM as it turns dark, in return for allowing her to go to the party.

3. Why was the writer on "cloud nine" at the party?

As her best friend extremely liked her self-made birthday card, and everyone at the party loved her dress, the girl felt really happy and was on cloud 9.


Story helps kids to connect with their emotions and work as a guide of how they should behave in similar situations. This story “The birthday Party” will help kids to learn following lessons:

  • How to behave when you are scared

  • Do not trust strangers and how to take care of yourself