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Peter and The Wolf Story for Kids

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Read and Learn the Moral of the Tale of A Boy and a Wolf

Stories are an excellent tool for introducing kids to a language. The short stories and poems that we read as a child help us shape our character. Stories for kids often come with an important inherent moral message that can help kids to implement good moral values in life while having fun.

Apart from the moral messages, stories like the Peter and the Wolf story helps kids to delve into the world of imagination and creativity, it helps kids to understand the literary tools early on in their lives.

The Peter and the Wolf story mentioned in the article is one such story that helps kids to have fun while understanding moral values. Let us look into the fascinating tale of the little boy named Peter. 

The Tale of Peter and the Sly Wolf

Once upon a time, in a small town located near the forest lived a little boy named Peter. Peter was a grandson who lived alongside his grandfather. He was merely a  six-year-old boy but had extraordinary courage. In the house, he lived with two pets named Ivan, the grandfather's cat, and Sonya, the grandfather's duck.

Peter used to get up early and walk onto a large, grassy field every morning. They lived happily for a long time, but one day they heard of a sly wolf who attacked the people of that small town. Little Peter chose to go for a forest hunt and free the people of the town from the fear of the wolf.

He grabbed his popgun and set out on his adventure. Peter devised a plan to flee the house late at night, while the grandfather was sound asleep. 

He was overjoyed to finally be able to go hunting. Sonya and Ivan soon joined him in order to defend Peter from the evil wolf. The three went out to hunt the evil wolf.

As they stepped out, the grandfather woke up because of the footsteps. He got up and looked around for his grandson and his pets, they were nowhere to be found. Eventually, the old man decided to go to the forest to look for his grandkid.

Meanwhile, in the forest, Peter and his friends came across a small bird. Sasha, a little bird, noticed the duck from the tree.

"What kind of bird are you?" the bird inquired. "Are you able to fly?"

"What kind of bird are you?" the duck asked. "Are you able to swim?" The duck then dived into the water.

As the duck jumped in the water, Peter heard footsteps approaching them. Much to his surprise, he saw his grandfather calling out his name and running towards him.

“Peter! Peter! What exactly are you up to? There's a wolf in the woods," Peter's granddad said.

"I'm not frightened of wolves!" Peter exclaimed.

The grandfather, after much convincing, asked Peter to return to their home. As Peter and his grandfather were returning to their hometown, suddenly, a large wolf emerged from the woods.

The small bird flew into a tall tree and landed. The duck, on the other hand, had risen above the surface of the water. He was devoured by the wolf.

Peter got furious at the wolf, and he ran. As Peter ran towards the wolf, his grandfather shouted to gather the people around them.

Peter too acted quickly on his wits. He had a rope. Peter asked for help from the small bird. The wolf's head was circled by the bird. Peter quickly wrapped the rope around the wolf.

Peter capturing the wolf

Peter Capturing the Wolf

He eventually managed to catch the wolf! The people from neighbouring areas too came to their aid, they decided to take the wolf to the zoo.

Two strong men carried the wolf to the zoo. They were accompanied by Peter and his grandfather.

"Who is terrified of a wolf?" laughingly said the grandfather.

"Not me!" said Peter. He chuckled.

But the death of Sonya, the duck, made Peter, Ivan, and Sasha sad. They all safely returned home.

"Quack!" they heard when they got home.

Hearing the sound of the duck everyone became happy and at last, they found the duck. Sonya then said, “I was hiding behind a hollow tree and hence I was saved."

Peter became a hero, saving everyone from the evil wolf. Peter and his grandfather and all their pets lived happily ever after. 

Moral of Peter and the Wolf Story

The Peter and the Wolf story teaches an important lesson to kids, the story teaches us to be brave while facing a challenge. It was because of his bravery of Peter the town became free from the horror of the evil wolf. The story also teaches another important lesson that one can overcome their fear and help others in grave danger. As in the story, the bird helped Peter greatly, the bird was a tiny and fragile creature but decided to overcome his fears and helped Peter.

In conclusion, Peter and the Wolf story is a fascinating tale that can be enjoyed by kids and parents. A small tip for parents would be to direct a play based on the story. This would help kids to better understand the characters. Acting and reading out the dialogues also can help kids to learn new words.

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FAQs on Peter and The Wolf Story for Kids

1. What happened to the wolf at the end of the story?

The evil wolf was sent to the zoo by the people of the town. As Peter captured the wolf and tied him up with the rope, the townspeople and Peter decided to send the wolf to a far away zoo. Two strong men along with Peter and his grandfather carried the wolf to the zoo. 

2. How was the duck saved?

Sonya, the duck from the story, saved her life by hiding behind the tree. Everyone thought that the wolf ate the duck when the duck resurfaced on the water. But in reality, the duck quickly ran to the nearby tree and hid behind it. After the fox vainly attacked the duck, he was captured and sent to the zoo, the duck appeared.