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Ladybug Story

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Meet The Charming Ladybug

Have you met the charming ladybug yet? You will find her waiting for her future husband by her window sill. The ladybug in our story sits all decked up in new clothes waiting for her beloved husband. But if only the fate of the ladybug was as worth as her wait! What happens to the ladybug? Whom does she choose as her husband? Was the husband worthy enough? 

Well, kids let us know from this story what happens to the ladybug at the end. Here we begin the narration of the story. So, snuggle up and listen to the ladybug’s fate keenly. 

Ladybug Story – Her Future Husband and Her Bad fate

Charming little ladybug

Charming Little Ladybug

There lived a charming yet sad ladybug. The lady bird was sad because she was all alone. She could not find her husband as that was not the age of Facebook. Our ladybug could not afford to be in social life. 

One fine day, while sweeping her kitchen, she found five cents. She was delighted at her newly found treasure. The ladybug went immediately to her neighbour friend and asked her “Hi, my friend, what can I buy with these five cents?” The neighbour suggested her to buy some cakes. The diet cautious ladybug said “No! Cakes will make me fat.” 

She then went to another neighbour and asked the same question. The other neighbour suggested her to buy a new beautiful dress with an assorted collar and a pair of earrings. Wearing these she can sit by her window and wait for her dream husband. 

Ladybug liked this idea and immediately went to purchase the dress, collar, and a pair of earrings. 

ladybug sitting by her window

Ladybug Sitting by Her Window

She dressed up pretty well and sat by the window and shouted “Who wishes to marry me? I am a pretty ladybug with abundant wealth!” 

A donkey passing nearby brayed “I wish to marry you, beauty!” The ladybug rejected him, as she did not like his voice. 

Ladybug – “Who wishes to marry me? I am a pretty ladybug with abundant wealth!” 

This time, a dog passed by and barked “ Yes! Yes! I will marry you!”

The pretty ladybug rejected him too as the dog said he ate everything including bones.

Ladybug – “Who wishes to marry me? I am a pretty ladybug with abundant wealth!” 

Now, a pig passing by oinked and said “Me! Me!”

The pig too was rejected as he stayed in a pigpen, which the ladybug did not like.

Next, a bull came which she rejected again as the bull mooed that he is good at bullfighting. 

Ladybug – “Who wishes to marry me? I am a pretty lady bird with abundant wealth!” 

Finally, a handsome rat was passing by, he said “I do miss ladybug for you are so beautiful and rich!”

Ladybug – “What do you feed on handsome rat?”

Rat – “I am a sweet tooth, hence I feed on nothing but delicacies”

The ladybug was impressed by the rat’s handsome looks so she accepted him as her future husband. 

Soon, the wedding bells rang. On the wedding day, while going to the church, our ladybug forgot to bring her bridal flowers so she asked Mr. rat to bring the flowers from their home, while she will wait at the church. 

The rat went to their house as instructed. As he entered the house, a tasty smell of food distracted him. He soon forgot about the flowers and wanted to savour the taste of the delicacy. 

He went straight to the kitchen and peeked into the cooking pan to find the food cooking. He could not reach the food with his fingers, thus he put his head inside the cooking pan and got boiled there!

There our pretty ladybird kept waiting for her groom to come, but Mr. rat did not. Furying with anger she went back to her home and smelled something weird. She went to her kitchen and was in tears to find Mr. Rat cooking dead in the boiling pan. 

Ladybird cried “Oh Mr. Rat wish I knew how stupid you were to greedily pounce on a boiling pan!”

Here the story ends, and the ladybug did not get married ever again. She was too picky that she chose a greedy rat at the end, and she understood this not until the day of her wedding. 

I hope you enjoyed the story about the beautiful ladybug with her not-so-beautiful marriage fate. What did we learn? We learned that we should never be so proud of our looks that we reject every other person with a good heart and intelligent brain. We should not judge merely by good looks, rather we should see good qualities like a pure soul, a happy heart, and an intelligent mind in others.

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FAQs on Ladybug Story

1. Why did the ladybug reject the pig?

The ladybug rejected the pug as he oinked and lived in a pigpen. The ladybug did not like the idea of passing her entire life in a pigpen, so she rejected the pig.

2. Why was the ladybug wrong choosing Mr. Rat?

The ladybug was wrong for choosing Mr. Rat as the rat was only a handsome fellow. He did not have a sane mind. He was a foolish and greedy rat, thus he did not think twice about his own life before jumping into the boiling pan.