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Story of Twin Sisters in English for Kids

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Introduction to the Story of Twin Sisters

The twin sisters' story was originally written by an author named Johnny Gruelle. The twin sisters story is a beautiful tale of two identical twins who do not share the same personality. This fabel is aimed at helping kids to understand the importance of helping and cheering others. In this article, we provide the story of twin sisters named Matilda and Katrinka. 

Twin Sisters Holding Hands

Twin Sisters Holding Hands

Story of Twin sisters

Once upon a time, in a small village, there were two houses that were called the twin houses. Even though the houses were built almost identical, it was strange to call them the twin houses as one of the houses was covered with flowers and beautiful leaves while the other had no bearings.

The houses were called the twin houses because of the owner who lived in them. They were named Matilda and Katrinka. They were as similar on the exterior as their two homes but just as their two cottages varied, so did the twins.  

Matilda and Katrinka Taking a Walk Together

Matilda and Katrinka Taking a Walk Together

Although Matilda and Katrinka were identical and could not be told apart they had very different personalities. Katrinka was joyful and cheerful, but Matilda, who lived in the barren cottage, was harsh and unfriendly.

Residents in the little village began to refer to Matilda as "Matilda Grouch," and Katrinka as "Katrinka Sunshine." Katrinka was loved by all the children in the small village because she always had a sweet or a treat in her apron pocket to offer them. She would pat their curly hair and grin cheerfully over her spectacles. While on the other hand, Matilda was feared by all the kids because if they mistook her for Katrinka and ran up to meet her, she would scold them.

Matilda's life was lonely and frigid, and no one paid her any attention. She was usually in a bad mood. Katrinka's house was always filled with children's laughter, and everyone came to see her. She was usually upbeat and upbeat. On one such lonely night, Matilda was sitting in her dark window, staring across the street at Katrinka's house, when she noticed a swarm of people tip-toeing towards the stoop with hampers beneath their arms and flowers in their hands, and when everyone had gathered, they stomped their feet and made loud noises.

Matilda Sitting on her Couch

Matilda Sitting on her Couch

Matilda was furious, but Katrinka dashed to the door, smiling, and greeted everyone with her warmest grin. Katrinka's birthday was celebrated with a surprise birthday party. Matilda stood in her dark window, watching the party, and the more she stood there, the more enraged she became, for the longer the party went on, the louder the cheerful laughing became.

When all of the visitors had left, Matilda noticed Katrinka gathering half of the gifts and placing them in a basket. Katrinka went to Matilda’s place to gift her the sweets and presents she received. Matilda was angry and irritated from all the noise and prancing around her home, but she refused to accept the gifts.

"I simply wish you could put yourself in my shoes and experience the misery that is in my heart tonight!" Matilda said. "You would realise that a swarm of children shrieking about the house with all their gifts could not make me happy!"

Katrinka paused for a time, thinking. She said, "Matilda, I've got it! We'll switch places! You must reside in my house and act like you are me, and I will live in your house and act like you are me! You must also smile and be polite like I would."

Matilda ultimately consented to swap places with Katrinka and attempted to smile whenever somebody came to see her after much persuasion. "But it'll just be there for three days!" she said.

Matilda went to bed in Katrinka's cottage, while Katrinka stayed in Matilda's cottage but did not go to bed. Instead, she walked around the home cleaning and putting up gorgeous white curtains at the windows.

Children and Neighbours Greeting Matilda

Children and Neighbours Greeting Matilda

Neighbours arrived at Katrinka's house in the morning, and Matilda, who had taken Katrinka's position, greeted them with a grin, and soon she was smiling and enjoying herself. And Matilda felt good about having them there when they departed.

What surprised the callers was seeing someone arranging flowers around Matilda's stoop as they drove past her cottage. They came to a halt in amazement as Katrinka smiled up at them and said, "Good Morning!" They couldn't believe their eyes and ears since they assumed it was Matilda.

The neighbours then planned to gift Matilda baskets filled with snacks and presents. By the time Katrinka had summoned Matilda to her home to see the alterations she had made, Matilda was beginning to realise what she had been missing all along. A noise sounded from the front stoop as they were conversing.

Katrinka inquired, "Shall I go to the door, Matilda?"

"No, Katrinka, I'm going to the door!" Matilda answered, her face beaming with joy. Matilda greeted her visitors as cheerfully as Katrinka had the night before, and the laughing continued until late into the night.

When the last visitor had departed, Matilda embraced Katrinka in her arms and exclaimed, "I have discovered that being happy gives me considerably more joy than being miserable!" "Of course, Matilda!" says Katrinka.

Katrinka was the one who responded. "You see, in order to be happy ourselves, we must first be happy for others, and the more joy we bring to others, the more joy we receive ourselves."

And the two sisters, who looked alike, now acted alike and could not be distinguished. Katrinka or Matilda, for one, was as cheerful as the other and as pleased in the adoration of all the people in the village.

And because people couldn't tell them apart, everyone referred to Matilda and Katrinka as the Cherry Twins.

Matilda and Katrinka the Cheery Twins

Matilda and Katrinka the Cheery Twins

Moral of the Story of Twin Sisters

The story teaches kids the importance of sharing happiness with others. A cheerful and loving approach towards others can not only brighten the mood of others but will help in creating happiness for themselves and others. It is important for us to treat others with love and respect. 

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FAQs on Story of Twin Sisters in English for Kids

1. What is the name of the two sisters in the story of twin sisters?

Matilda and Katrinka were the names of the sisters in the story of twin sisters.

2. What were the twins lovingly called by the villagers?

The twin sisters were called the Cheery Twins; by the end of the story, both Matilda and Katrinka treated others with great love and affection.