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Story of Rabbit and the Dog in English for Kids

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Why Read a Short Story?

Short stories and poems are one of the most fun ways to introduce kids to literature. Fables like the story of the rabbit and the dog have a moral message that can help kids in developing emotional intelligence. Apart from it, reading stories is a fun activity for both parents and kids, reciting poems and reading stories can help create a deeper understanding. Reading also aids children's self-esteem, language acquisition, and learning.

In this article, we provide the tale of a rabbit and the dog in a fascinating manner. This story will not only help kids have fun but also teach them the important lesson of helping each other.

The Story of Rabbit and the Dog 

Once upon a time a dog and a rabbit lived in a jungle. One day they were sitting under the tree. The dog was informing the rabbit of the arrival of a new tiger in the jungle.

 "The tiger is really smart," the dog told the rabbit. He catches and preys on all the little animals!" After hearing the dog, the rabbit was terrified.

The dog and the rabbit.

The dog and the rabbit

"Dear friend, I only know one technique to save myself," the rabbit said. I need to brush up on my skills!" 

"I know a lot of tricks," the dog responded. I can jump over bushes, run swiftly, hide under trees, and even shovel up sand and bury myself.

The little rabbit asked the dog to show him some tricks. "Could you possibly teach me one of those tricks?" he pleaded. "I only know one. I need to brush up on my tricks!"

"My tricks are for the intellectual animals," the dog remarked. "You aren't a smart animal. "Why should I teach you all the tricks?" argues the dog. 

Hearing this from his friend the bunny felt disheartened.

Suddenly, he noticed the tiger approaching them. The tiger approached them cautiously but steadily.

"See, the tiger is approaching," the rabbit warned the dog.

"I'm going to climb up the tree using my ruse. You, too, will save yourself by employing your techniques, and we'll meet when the tiger goes back!"

The rabbit climbed the tree fast. When the tiger approached the dog, the dog began running about aimlessly. He hid behind the bushes, but the tiger caught him.

The rabbit who climbed up the tree saved his life but the dog became the prey of the tiger. 


We can conclude the article by stating the moral of the story of rabbit and the dog. The story teaches us that it is important to never boast about the skills and always help others when they are in need. As in the story, the dog knew many tricks but refused to teach them to his friend while boasting them to him. The rabbit on the other hand only knew a single trick but he survived the attack of the tiger.

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FAQs on Story of Rabbit and the Dog in English for Kids

1. How did the dog die in the story?

The dog became the prey of the tiger. As the dog did not know how to climb up a tree he was captured and eaten by the tiger. 

2. Why is it important to share our knowledge? Explain using the story.

It is important to share our knowledge because it enhances our skills and might be helpful for others. Also, it fosters others to share their skills and wisdom too. In the story of the rabbit and the dog, if the dog had shared his wisdom with the bunny, the rabbit would have been able to save him by teaching the dog to climb the tree. They would have been together for the rest of their lives if they had shared each other's thoughts.