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Fox and Crane Story Moral

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Introduction to The Fox and Crane Story

The Fox and the Stork, also known as The Fox and the Crane, is one of Aesop's fables and was first recorded in the collection of Phaedrus. It is a well-known and interesting tale.

It has been adapted in several languages to create children's moral story of the fox and the crane. This story became even more well-known after it was included in La Fontaine's Fables. Children can learn and develop basic moral values like honesty and integrity with the help of the fox and the crane story. 

The Story

The Fox and the Crane

The Fox and The Crane

A large pond was located in a forest. In the pond, cranes lived in a flock. All the cranes lived on the fishes in the pond and lived happily. A cunning fox named Tricky lived in the same forest. 

Tricky used to go to the pond and catch fish. Every day, a crane named Whitey helped him. They began to talk, eat, and play together as they grew closer over time. One Sunday, Tricky invited Whitey to dinner so he could give Whitey a treat.

The Fox and the Crane Became Friends

The Fox and The Crane Became Friends

Whitey dressed up and went to Tricky's house with the grapes. Tricky gave his friend a warm greeting. They talked for a while, each of them. The soup's smell filled the house at the same time. 

Whitey was unable to control himself. Tricky called him inside for dinner after figuring it out. Tricky put the soup into two dishes and set them on the table because he wanted to play with Whitey. 

The Fox Playing Tricks with the Crane

The Fox Playing Tricks with the Crane

Whitey was shocked to see the soup on the plate because he was excited to try it. Tricky started to enjoy the soup as Whitey looked confused. The soup was on the dish, so he could not have it. Whitey went back to his house empty-handed. He was upset and decided to teach Tricky a lesson. He then came up with a plan.

When Tricky arrived the next day, Whitey travelled with him as usual. Tricky received a compliment from Whitey for how he treated him, and the following evening, Tricky was invited to dinner. Tricky arrived at Whitey's house in the evening. They talked for a while, each of them. After Whitey made the fish stew, the room was filled with its fragrance. Tricky's mouth was watering.

The Crane Teaching Lesson

The Crane Teaching Lesson

Whitey went in and came with soup in two deep long jars and placed them on the table. Tricky was shocked when he saw the jars. The excited Tricky tried to drink the stew from the jar with all his strength.

The moment he bent down, the jar stuck in his mouth. He tried to remove the jar, but he could not do it. Meanwhile Whitey finished her fish stew with ease. Tricky ran here and there and finally the jar broke. Tricky was unable to eat anything, was forced to return home feeling unhappy, and humiliated. 

He understood that the crane had now been punished for his rude actions. Now, I've served him well, the crane reflected. She was able to get her revenge. The following day, the fox apologized to the crane for his behaviour, admitted his mistake, and vowed never to act in such a way again. 

He said, "Excuse me, my friend. I've learned a valuable lesson, and from now on I'll act honestly and stop playing smart games." The fox was forgiventhe fish stew  by the crane. The fox was surprised and joyfully screamed. They rebuilt their friendship and lived together.


The story of the fox and the crane teaches us that friendship is a wonderful gift, which should be centered on confidence and trust rather than deception. The Fox and crane story moral is one should not try to make fun of the other’s limitations; and people will treat you the same you treat them.

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FAQs on Fox and Crane Story Moral

1. What was the crane served by the fox, and why did the crane visit the fox’s home?

The fox welcomed the crane inside when she arrived. Together, they chatted nonstop until it was time for dinner. The fox was carrying two flat dishes filled with soup when he entered the kitchen. After serving, he took a seat to have the soup.

The fox once wanted to laugh by making fun of a crane. The fox had invited the crane for dinner. The crane accepted her invitation and thanked. The crane visited the fox's home the following evening.

2. How did the Fox treat the crane and Crane live and why did the crane feel insulted?

While eating his own soup, he observed the crane. The crane invited the fox to dinner the following day. The fox agreed immediately. The crane gave the fox a warm welcome as soon as he entered his home.

They lived in a jungle. The crane was his best friend. They visited each other's home now and then. One day, the fox invited the crane to dinner.

The crane had a long beak. He could not take the soup as served in a flat plate. The fox licked the dish. The crane felt insulted.