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The Lion and the Mouse Short Story: Classic Aesop Fable with Pictures

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The Lion and the Mouse Story with Sequence

Out of all Aesop’s fables, the Lion and the Mouse short story is probably the best and everyone’s favourite. Yet without thinking twice, we have presented this awe-inspiring moral story for your kids. You can read this story to your children during bedtime. 

Classic fables like these always inspire kids from a very tender age. While the story revolves around two animals, which helps to introduce your kids to the animals, it also portrays the human characteristics and values through these animal characters. These short moral stories will definitely help in the emotional and mental development of your kids. 

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The Lion and the Mouse Short Story

Years and years ago, once there was a lion sleeping in the forest under a big tree. A mouse, who lived in the forest too, started playing while moving up and down the lion’s body. She also accidentally ran across the lion’s nose once. 

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This soon awakened the lion, and he held the little mouse in his paws. The mouse began to tremble as he knew that the lion was angry and could kill him right there. "Pardon, O King!" pleaded the little mouse. "Forgive me this time. I shall never repeat it, and I shall never forget your kindness. Who knows, I may be able to give you a good turn one of these days!”

The lion was somehow in a good mood. Hence, he set the mouse free from his paws. Yet he could not be more amused by the idea of how a tiny mouse could ever help the king of the jungle. 

After a few days, the mouse suddenly heard the roar of the lion. When she went to look at what’s the matter, she found out that the lion was captured and trapped in a net by his prey. Seeing the lion in such a condition, she immediately started gnawing the ropes of the net until it freed the lion. 

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The lion thanked the little mouse. But the mouse was happy that she could finally repay her debt for sparing her life once. Since then the lion and mouse became good friends, and they lived happily ever after. 

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The Lion and the Mouse Summary

Hope you have enjoyed reading this Lion and the Mouse story (sequence) to your kids, and your kids loved it too. Here’s a quick summary of the story. Once a little mouse ran into a lion’s nose while playing in the forest. The lion was asleep then. When he realised, he grabbed the mouse in his paws and was about to kill her. The mouse pleaded for her life and promised that she would repay the debt. The lion was amused by the mouse’s words. 

After a few days, the lion was caught by some hunters and trapped in a net. The mouse was passing by when she found out the lion’s condition. She didn’t delay and started gnawing the net immediately to free the lion. The lion later thanked the mouse for saving his life. This act teaches us that kindness is above all and bonds us together strongly. 

The Lion and the Mouse Story Moral

“Kindness is never wasted.”

This Lion and the Mouse Story PDF is not the only option here. There are a myriad of options to explore on our site. We not only provide the classic fables or bedtime stories, but we also provide Maths worksheets, quiz questions, fairy tales, essays, grammar questions. Come explore all the available resources and help your child have a fun learning experience. 

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FAQs on The Lion and the Mouse Short Story: Classic Aesop Fable with Pictures

1. What is the moral of the story in the Lion and the Mouse?

The moral of the story is that kindness is truly powerful above all. Regardless of everything, kindness and helpfulness can reap plenty of benefits in the future. 

2. What is the ending of the Lion and the Mouse?

In the ending of the Lion and the Mouse story, the lion got freed from the trap as the mouse helped to gnaw the net. Then the mouse told the lion, “Even a mouse can help a lion!” And ever since, the tiny mouse and the ‘king of the jungle’ became friends forever.