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The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse Story for Kids in English

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A Moral Story for Kids: The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse

Do you like to eat simple food or do you wish to have a banquet buffet every day? Maybe the desserts and savouries of the banquet are tempting enough. Well, who doesn’t like good food? Much the same was the case of two little mice. They were tempted by the delicacies too. While one of them could manage to sneak into the world of delectable food, the other one could not. However, all the tempting food led the mice into trouble. Are you curious to know what the mice did?

Let us read the interesting story of the town mouse and country mouse to find out how the mice end up learning something wise in their quest for good food. 

The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse Story

Once upon a time, there was a white mouse and a brown mouse, they were the best of friends. One day, when they were collecting food at the plow lands, they heard the farmers talking. A group of tourists was visiting the country for a few days. The farmers at the plow lands were talking about all the amazing things that the tourists had brought along. To top it all off, the tourists had brought along some delectable food. 

On hearing this, the two mice could not resist visiting the farmhouse where the tourists stayed. They sneaked in at night when everyone was asleep. They went to the dining area and found the leftovers from the dinner. There were jellies, smoked cheese, bagels, meat-stuffed bread, pastries, chocolates, and several other things. The mice had not ever seen such a buffet of savouries and desserts. They nibbled all of it to their heart’s content and took some along when they left. The next morning, the tourists left for the town. 

When the mice were dining the next day, they cherished the food that they had brought from the farmhouse. While the white mouse devoured his share of smoked cheese, the brown mouse said, “I wonder what other delicious foods they have in the town. I want to move to the town and taste all of it. What do you say, friend?”. The white mouse said, “I love this food, but I have my family here. I cannot come with you.” As decided, the brown mouse moved to the country. The white mouse packed some wheat stalks for his friend and bid him goodbye. 

After a year, the white mouse wrote to the brown mouse and invited him to the country. The brown mouse was happy to meet his friend after so long. When he arrived all the mice called him the ‘town mouse’. The white mouse took him to the plow lands. They ate wheat stalks and some cereals during the day. 

Town Mouse and The Country Mouse at the Fields

The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse at the Fields

At dinner, the white mouse served lots of wheat stalks, some freshly pulled out hedgerow roots, acorns, and the sweet cold water of the well. However, the town mouse nibbled a little of this and a little of that from all the food his friend had served. He was being polite not to refuse the food as he was now used to the delectable food in town. 

Dining at the Country

Town Mouse and The Country Mouse Dining at the Country Mouse's House

After dinner, the two of them talked for a long time. The town mouse told the white mouse about all the new things and luxuries of the town. He described how delicious the food is back in town. They fell asleep in a cosy nest in the hedgerow. The next day, the town mouse told his friend, “Oh friend, you live here in the country and eat just the food of an ant. In my town, there is a horn of plenty. Why don’t you come with me to the town and stay there for a few days? I will share with you all the dainties I get there.” The white mouse thought it to be a great idea, so he went to the town with his friend.

On their arrival, the country mouse introduced the white mouse to all his friends. The mice in the town called the white mouse the ‘country mouse’. The town mouse took the country mouse to the mansion where he lived. When they entered the dining area in the mansion, they could see a lot of food. There were fresh bread, kidney beans, sweetmeat, pieces of delectable hotdogs, jellies, figs, raisins, honey, pieces of chocolate cake, some pudding, and a generous piece of smoked cheese. The town mouse told the country mouse that they could eat anything they wished to. 

Delicious Food

Delicious Food at the Mansion Where the Town Mouse Lived

The country mouse could not be happier. He was delighted to see such a tempting platter. He cheered the town mouse and was already regretting his hard luck for staying in the country. Just when they were about to take their first bite of the cheese, someone opened the door of the dining area. The two mice rushed under the table. Soon they were alone in the dining area again. They went up to the table and thought to begin their luncheon.


Cat Chasing the Mice to the Hole

Cat Chasing the Mice to the Hole

Just when the country mouse was about to take a bite of the chocolate cake, he heard, “Meow!”. It was a pet cat. The cat scratched the floor as it saw the mice. The town mouse took the hands of the country mouse and ran. They ran down the table and jumped into a hole in the wall. Inside the hole, it was so small a space that the mice had to squeeze to fit. The cat chased them to the hole.

As soon as the cat went away, the housekeeper came along and cleared all the food from the table. The town mouse took the country mouse to his den. The country mouse stopped at his friend’s den only to bid him goodbye. He said, “Dear friend, you may have a lot of luxuries and dainties here, but I prefer the simple food of the country. I prefer the security and peace that come with it.” Saying this, the country mouse returned home.

Country Mouse Running Back Home

Country Mouse Running Back Home

Moral of the story

The moral of the story is “poverty with security is way better than plenty with fear and uncertainty.”


Thus, this mouse story teaches us that it is not always wise to risk peace and security in the desire for luxuries. At the end of the story, the country mouse learned that his simple life was not bad after all while the town mouse learned that the luxuries he boasted of did not make his life any easier. There are several other moral stories for kids on Vedantu, from which kids can learn the priceless teachings of life. So let your child make the most of their screen time with these moral stories and enjoy reading. 

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FAQs on The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse Story for Kids in English

1. Why did the town mouse eat only nibbles when the country mouse served him dinner?

When the town mouse visited the country mouse, he was already used to the delicacies of town. The wheat stalks, acorns, and roots of hedgerow seemed to be too simple and tasteless to him. He ate only nibbles of the food served by the country mouse as he could not refuse it to be polite. 

2. How did the country mouse react to the food at the mansion?

The town mouse was more than happy to bring the country mouse to the mansion where he lived. When he took his friend to the dining area, there was a lot of good food. The country mouse’s happiness knew no bounds. He was highly impressed by all the food. He was so delighted that he started to regret his country life and the simple food he used to have.