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The Short Story of the Dog in the Manager with Moral

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An Introduction to the Story of the Dog in the Manager

The story “The Dog in the Manger” is taken from an old Greek fable that has been transmitted in many different versions. 

It is now used as a saying of metaphor for someone who spitefully prevents others from having something for which one has no use.

The Dog in the Manager

The Dog in the Manager

This is the story of a dog that teaches a valuable lesson to children.

Read the story the Dog in the Manager which is provided below in the article.

The Complete Story of the Dog in the Manager

One day a dog was in search of a place to sleep so it was roaming the streets. He saw a manager of an ox and jumped into the manager as there was no one. 

The dog lay upon the straw in that place comfortably.

The ox returned to the manager after a while from the afternoon work. The ox was very tired because of hard work and felt hungry. He wished to eat some of the hay or straw. 

Dog Sleeping in the Manager

Dog Sleeping in the Manager

The dog who was sleeping was awakened from his nap and barked at the ox in a rage.  

The angry dog tried to bite the ox when he tried to come near the straw.

The ox said, ” you cannot eat the hay yourself, and yet you will let no one else have any.”

At last, the ox was disappointed and gave up the hope of eating straw. The ox went away to his work.

Moral of the Story

The moral of the story of the Dog in the Manager is that “People often grudge others what they cannot enjoy themselves”.


The dog in the manager is a very popular story that teaches that there are some rude people who grudge others for the things that they can not enjoy themselves. The dog in the manger is used as a phrase to describe such people.

The story with morals is provided above in the article. Kids like to reach animal character stories like to read this story.

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FAQs on The Short Story of the Dog in the Manager with Moral

1. What did the ox tell The Dog in the Manger?

When the dog did not let the ox eat straw from the manger. The ox said to the dog that he can not eat the straws of the manger and yet not let them eat anyone. The ox was disappointed that the dog is not letting him eat the straw or hay that he can not enjoy.

2. How did the dog behave with the ox when the ox went near the manger?

When the ox returned from his work and was hungry, he went to the manger to eat some straw. But the dog in the manager was very rude. The dog barked at the ox. When the ox tried to eat the straw of the manager, the dog tried to bite him. In the end, the ox could not get anything from the manager.