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The Funny Pumpkin Story in English

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Short stories with life lessons are compiled to add moral values and to make children more imaginative.

  • This pumpkin story is about learning lessons about lies.

  • False pride is not good. It can ruin your reputation.

Two Girls and a Big Pumpkin: A Moral Story

This is a moral story of two girls who were good friends. One boasts about a huge pumpkin and the other answers her false pride perfectly. What did the girl boast of? How did the other girl give her friend the best answer? What did the first girl lie about? Read this story and find out the answers to all these questions.

The Two Girls and the Big Pumpkin

Once upon a time, there lived two girls. Their names were Rita and Lorie. They were very good friends. Rita has a bad habit of lying and boasting unnecessarily but Lorie manages to tolerate it as she is a good friend of hers.

Lorie and Rita, the two neighbours

Lorie and Rita, the Two Neighbours

They were also neighbours. This is why Lorie did not want to hurt her friend’s emotions even if Rita lied without any reason.

One day, Rita was in the market and saw the biggest pumpkin she has ever seen. She was surprised like all the others present in the market. Everyone was taking a picture standing beside the pumpkin.

Rita wanted to tell this incident to Lorie but thought of having a little fun first.

Rita’s Cooked-up Story

Rita, after putting down the bag of vegetables at home, came to Lorie’s house. She greeted each other and put on a surprise face. She said, “Do you know Lorie? There is a huge pumpkin in the market today. People were taking photos with it. It was so huge.”

Lorie said enthusiastically, “Yes! I heard about it from my father. He was in the market this morning.”

Rita’s facial expression changed from amusing to boast, “You know my grandmother grew a pumpkin ten times bigger than this one. You can imagine its size. She did not put it on display though.”

Rita’s cooked-up pumpkin story

Rita’s Cooked-up Pumpkin Story

Lorie’s Brilliant Answer

Lorie understood that Rita will not learn unless she is taught a lesson about unnecessary boasts and cooked-up stories.

Lorie said, “Really? You know my grandfather made an earthen pot bigger than my house.” Rita’s face was pale. She said, “How?” Lorie replied, “He was a brilliant craftsman.”

There was an awkward silence. Rita thought about it and wanted to counter Lorie with a befitting question. She said, “Why did your grandfather make such a big earthen pot? It is of no use.”

Lorie was confident as if she was waiting for this question. She replied, “You did not realise, did you? My grandfather made this earthen pot to cook your grandmother’s pumpkin.”

Rita Learned a Lesson

Rita’s face turned red. She was so ashamed when she realised that her cooked-up stories were always caught by Lorie, her friend and neighbour. She felt very embarrassed. After a few seconds of silence, Rita apologised to Lorie.

Lorie said, “You are my neighbour and we have been friends for years now. I have been ignoring this trait of yours for a long time. You will be and always be my friend.”

They hugged and Rita promised to never lie again.

Moral of the Story

The Funny Pumpkin Story in English moral is not to tell a lie. It also explains that false boasting never lasts. It exposes the true nature of a liar.

Tips for Parents

Parents can download the Funny Pumpkin Story PDF and let the children read it. They can help them understand the words. Once the story is over, they can ask the children some questions related to the storyline.

After explaining the storyline, parents can also describe the moral. Students love to read short stories with good outcomes. They also perceive the life lessons hidden in them. Illustrate the Funny Pumpkin Stories with pictures to engage them more.

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FAQs on The Funny Pumpkin Story in English

1. What was Rita’s bad habit?

According to this Funny Pumpkin Story in English, Rita used to tell a lot of lies and even boasted without any reason.

2. Why did Lorie teach Rita a lesson?

Rita was Lorie’s good friend and neighbour. Lorie knew that she had this bad habit of lying. She wanted to change her and taught her a lesson.

3. Why was Rita embarrassed?

Rita was embarrassed when she realised that all her lies were caught by Lorie but she did not say anything before.


Short stories with life lessons are compiled to add moral values and to make children more imaginative.

  • This pumpkin story is about learning lessons about lies.

  • False pride is not good. It can ruin your reputation.