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The Magic Box Story in English for Kids

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Such short magic stories for kids deliver good morals like working hard to achieve any dream in life. 

Readers will also learn the importance of family and how we should equally share the wealth with our loved ones.

Introduction to the Magic Box Story

Children love to read and listen to short stories about magic, and the story discussed in this article is one of the entertaining short magic stories for kids that they will love. Apart from the magic element, the story also has many morals hidden in it. It tells us that dreaming about things without acting upon them is not going to make your dream happen. It also tells us that all the magic lies within us, and it is our actions that give shape to our dreams which appear magical to us.

In this article, we will see where this magic box story originated from, read a summary of the story, and check out some frequently asked questions on the magic box story. You could also download the magic box stories pdf if you would like to go through it at your pace and leisure.

The Magic Box Story Summary

There was a farmer named Manohar who worked hard to take care of his farm, cattle, and orchard. He had two sons, Ravi and Hari, who lived with the farmer. Manohar grew fruits and vegetables on his farm, which were known to be the best in the entire village. His hard work gave him prosperous business and life, which was envied by all the village folks.

But his sons were not at all interested in his farming business, and both had different dreams. Ravi, the elder one, liked arms and fighting and wanted to be a warrior in the army. The younger one Hari was passionate about music. Manohar would worry about what would happen to his land when he was no longer there to take care of it, but he did not force his sons to work on the farms.

Once he asked his sons what they wanted to do in life. Ravi replied he wanted to go to the army while Hari mentioned his musical dreams. Manohar allowed Ravi to fulfill his dreams and go to the army and asked Hari to work on his music but at the same time help him in the fields. Ravi left for the army, and Hari would occasionally help the farmer in farming, but he mostly daydreamed about his musical future.

One day Manohar fell sick, and when he was almost dying, he took a promise from Hari to give back Ravi's share of the farm whenever Ravi came back. Hari initially adhered to the disciplined life set by his father but soon fell back to his carefree ways of life. He left the entire farm to the laborers, who saw that they had no master to administer them and started lazing around.

Soon the yield of the farms started dropping and whatever produce was there would get stolen by thieves. Even the guards at the farm began stealing from Hari. All this would have continued if Hari did not have a dream about his father, who only reminded Hari of the promise he made to Manohar on his deathbed of giving Ravi his share. Hari was jolted out of his dreamland of music and started taking stock of things. He found that he was left with very little money, which frightened Hari, and he tried to take help from friends and neighbors, who laughed at him and turned down his plea for help.

Finally, a shepherd boy from the village suggested to Hari to meet the old lady who lived in the mountains and could help Hari get his fortunes back. When Hari met the old lady, she gave him a small bog with a small hole at the top. She told him that the box contained magic dust, and before sunrise, Hari must sprinkle one grain of the magic dust on all corners of his farm to unfold the magic.

When Hari began this ritual, he took notice of how his workers had left the farm unattended, and the crops were half cut. He woke his laborers and sent them off to work. Now, this ritual was repeated every day, and every day the laborers were pushed to work. Gradually the workers realized that they could no longer have an easy way out since their master was now aware of what was happening around the farm. With the laborers working as usual, the orchards and farms started prospering the way they were in Hari's father's days.

Hari then went on to marry a girl, and he had two sons. When Hari was on his deathbed, he asked his sons to open the magic box as the box was the primary reason for bringing back joy and happiness in his life. But when the lock was opened it was empty without any dust. There was just a note in the box which said that the magic lied in the master's eyes and that his farms and orchards just needed his proper attention.

A boy with the magic box

A Boy with the Magic Box

Moral of the Magic Box Story

The salient points that come out of this magic box story are:

  • One must act on their dreams and not just while away time thinking about them.

  • If you inherit wealth or business from your ancestors, they will not last a lifetime. You must act on making sure the business keeps flourishing with your hard work.

  • Good fortune and prosperity lie in our hands, and we must not look elsewhere to give us joy in life.

Note to Parents

This is a lovely story of relationships between father and sons and between brothers. As a parent, you should narrate the story in a manner that tells your children that if they dream of doing something, they must take steps to work on it. The dream of parents might not be the dream of their kids, which is not wrong. But, just having a dream is not enough to make it happen. Another thing that the story reveals is that inheritance must be shared between siblings equally.

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FAQs on The Magic Box Story in English for Kids

1. How was the old lady’s house?

The old lady lived in the mountains in a cave-like house. The house was too small to even move around.

2. Did the farmer scold Hari for not taking care of the farms?

No, Manohar never scolded his kids for not following in his footsteps. The only thing he told Hari was to make sure his brother, Ravi, gets an equal (or more) share of the farm's produce.

3. What bothered Hari when he realized his farms were not doing well?

Hari was most bothered by the fact that if his brother, Ravi, sees that there was no money left, he might send Hari to jail for it.


Such short magic stories for kids deliver good morals like working hard to achieve any dream in life. 

Readers will also learn the importance of family and how we should equally share the wealth with our loved ones.