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The Elephant and The Dog - Bedtime Story

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Importance of Bedtime Stories

Do you ask your parents to tell you a nice bedtime story? Bedtime stories are full of excitement and fun. Children wait to listen to bedtime stories from their parents and grandparents. These stories expand their imagination to think out of the box on various objects and situations. The moral messages conveyed through these stories always develop a positive attitude among kids.

Bedtime Stories
Bedtime Stories

Good bedtime stories mostly have some morals at the end. These moral stories teach children good manners and values. As kids pay attention to these stories, parents must ensure that the stories they tell have a good plot and message.

Children are vulnerable when they are at such a young age. Their minds can be shaped in any way. Through bedtime stories, we can impart manners and values in children. So for all the parents here are good bedtime stories to tell to their children.

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The Elephant And The Dog

The Elephant and The Dog

Once upon a time in Surajpur, there lived a kind and generous king. The name of the king was King Ram Manik. Ram Manik used to love elephants very much. He built a separate stable for elephants and hired servants to take care of them. Servants used to feed them, give them water, and clean them. He ensured proper care of all the elephants.

The King with People

The King with People

One of his favourite elephants was Raja. Raja was very beautiful and kind-hearted. One day Raja saw that a dog was eating his leftover food. He ignored the first day. The next day again, he noticed the dog eating the same food. He became curious, he saw the dog eating the leftover food for a week now.

On the next day, he approached the dog and started talking to him. Raja asked the dog, ‘what is your name?' and in reply, he told his own name to the dog. The dog was frightened by seeing the huge size of an elephant. The dog replied in a slow voice that, ‘my name is Rummy’. Raja said, ‘Rummy let's be friends’. Raja promised to save a good amount of food for Rummy. Rummy became very happy.

The tale continued and they became very good friends. Apart from sharing food, they start sharing their secrets with each other. They used to talk about their daily lives and routine. They became best friends.

The minister of the king found Rummy very beautiful. He wanted to keep Rummy as his pet. The minister made a deal with the stable caretaker and said  'please tell me about this dog'. The stable caretaker became greedy and sold the dog for Rs 100. The minister took the dog with him.

From the very next day, Rummy stopped visiting Raja. This made Raja very upset. Raja, stopped eating food and drinking water. The king became worried about Raja. He went to feed Raja, but Raja did not eat even a single bite. King asked the caretaker, ‘what has happened that upset Raja so much?’ The caretaker remained silent.

The king announced to the whole village that whoever would find the reason for Raja's sorrow would be awarded 1000 rupees. Now the minister also knew that Rummy has also been behaving weirdly since the day he arrived at his home. The minister went and had a chat with the caretaker. The caretaker confessed to the minister that this is because Raja and Rummy have been separated.

The friendship of Raja and Rummy was also known in the village. People approached the king and told him the reason for Raja's sadness. Finally, the minister and the caretaker went to the king and confessed. The king initially became angry but then forgave the caretaker. The king ordered the minister to bring Rummy back. The king also warned the caretaker not to repeat this mistake.

The moment Rummy entered into Raja’s stable, he became very happy. He was extremely happy to see Rummy. Rummy also became excited and happy to see Raja back. From that time, they both lived together.

Moral of the Story

The Moral of the story is  greed cannot take us to the right path. We should never be greedy and always be kind to animals.


This is the story of friendship between animals. An elephant and a dog became good friends but they got separated due to a greedy human. In the end, when sorrow of both animals was unbearable then kindness wins over greediness and both animals live together happily. This story teaches us a lot of morals and good things. It tells us how friendship is not restricted to people or animals of the same species. How friendship is a beautiful connection that makes you extremely happy. People should not lie because of greed. Greedy people never are happy in life.

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FAQs on The Elephant and The Dog - Bedtime Story

1. How did Raja and Rummy become friends?

Raja used to live in the royal stable. Raja was the king's favourite elephant. One day he saw one dog eating leftover food from the stable. He ignored it the first day, but this incident kept on repeating. One day he went to the dog and asked for his name. The dog told him his name was Rummy. From then, they started talking daily and became friends. Soon they became best friends. They used to talk about their daily lives and a lot more.

2. What is the moral of the story?

The story teaches us a lot of morals. It tells us that friends can be from any community or species. The importance of friendship is realised when friends are separated. Friendship is a beautiful relationship that needs to be respected and appreciated. The story also tells us that greed will always take you on the wrong path. We should not lie because of greed. Greed is only our enemy. Greedy people can never become happy.