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A Short Story on Loyalty

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Bedtime Short Stories on Loyalty for Kids

‘Bigmouth Fox’ and ‘The Fairy and the Shadow’ are stories that teach the importance of discretion and honesty in friendship and trust. These tales are part of the ‘Bedtime Stories’ series. Let’s read these short stories on loyalty.

Bigmouth Fox or The Penguin, Reindeer and the Fox

Penguin, Reindeer, and Fox got along swimmingly. Penguin and Reindeer discovered a large amount of fruit one day and decided to keep it a secret. On the way, they came across Fox, who was taken aback by their joy and inquired as to why they were so pleased. They said they couldn't tell him because it was a secret, but Fox implored them to trust him, so they revealed the fruit.

Penguin, Reindeer, and Fox

Penguin, Reindeer, and Fox

Fox forgot about his promise when they arrived in the village and told everyone. When Penguin and Reindeer returned to the location where they had found the fruit, the village animals had already consumed it all.

Everyone Goes to the Lake

Everyone Goes to the Lake

Penguin and Reindeer discovered another source of food the next day, and Fox experienced the same fate. They were so enraged by Fox's betrayals that they were determined to teach him a lesson. The next day, they informed Fox that they had discovered a lake teeming with fish that required no effort to capture. Fox told everyone in the town about it once more. Fox returned the next day, covered in scrapes and bruises. Everyone, including the polar bears, had gone to the lake full of fish after hearing about it from the other animals. However, after failing to locate anything, they felt duped and beat up Fox.

Fox learned that earning people's trust is crucial and that in order to win it in the first place, you must be loyal and always keep your word.



Penguin and Reindeer developed a new plan for Fox, but because he was no longer a bigmouth, he did not betray them, and Penguin and Reindeer recovered faith in him, forgiving him.

Moral of the story

Love your friends, forgive those who have wronged you, cherish joyful memories, and always be loyal to your friends and family.

Another Story on Loyalty

The Fairy and the Shadow

A long, long time ago, people and their cities populated the Earth. There was a secret spot guarded by the Fairy of the Lake before many things had names. Her followers were always willing to serve her since she was fair and generous. When the lake and its surrounding woodlands were attacked by evil entities, the Fairy's followers followed her on a perilous trip across rivers, marshes, and deserts in quest of the Crystal Stone, their only hope of survival.

The Fairy informed them about the perils and hardships that lay ahead, as well as how tough the journey would be, but none of her followers was afraid. They all agreed to accompany her wherever she went, and the Fairy and her 50 most devoted followers started out on their journey the next day.

The journey turned out to be even more difficult and terrifying than the Fairy had predicted and warned them about. They came face to face with terrible monsters. They had to march through deserts at all hours of the day and night, hungry and thirsty. When confronted with such adversity, many followers became discouraged and gave up the mission. Only one remained at the end, and his name was Shadow.

Shadow wasn't the bravest, nor was he the best fighter, the wittiest or entertaining. He did, however, remain faithful to the Fairy to the very end. When the Fairy asked Shadow why he hadn't just abandoned her like the others, Shadow always replied, 'I promised you I would follow you no matter what, and that is exactly what I am doing.' I'm not going to abandon you because the path has been difficult.'

The Fairy was finally able to locate the Crystal Stone thanks to her loyal Shadow. Unfortunately, the stone was being guarded by a monster who was not about to give up the stone easily. Shadow gave himself in return for the stone as a final act of allegiance. Shadow spent the rest of his days in the monster's service after he accepted.

The Fairy with Loyal Shadow

The Fairy with Loyal Shadow

Because of the Crystal Stone's strong enchantment, the Fairy was able to return to the lake and make the evil beings vanish. But she would mourn every night when she didn't see her faithful Shadow, for Shadow's deed of self-sacrifice had grown a love deeper than any other.

And, in honour of Shadow and to demonstrate the value of devotion and commitment, the Fairy gave each person on Earth their own shadow during the day; however, when night falls, all of these shadows journey to the lake to see the sorrowful Fairy and try to console her for her loss.

Moral of the Story

Always be loyal to your friends and family.

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FAQs on A Short Story on Loyalty

1. How did Fox learn a lesson from Penguin and Reindeer?

Fox was informed by Penguin and Reindeer that they had discovered a lake full of fish. This was not accurate information. The animals rushed to the lake after Fox informed everyone in the hamlet but found nothing. The animals were irritated by this, and they beat up Fox.

2. What do you learn from the ‘Penguin, Reindeer, and Fox’ lesson's?

From the ending of the story, we learn that although Fox was unfaithful to his friends, they forgave him for his mistakes. It also teaches us about the importance of being loyal to our friends and loved ones.