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The Adventures of a Little Drop

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An Introduction to the Tiny Drops Makes a Mighty Ocean

The Adventures of a Little Drop tale about the little drops teaches kids to view their realistic environment as they do in their own homes - as something that they share with others. This earth requires the loving compassion and care of everyone on earth, including children. Each tale is delivered in a delightful fairy-tale figurative form and tells about the laws of nature and the atmosphere. So let us all read out the story of a drop of water.

The Story of a Drop of Water

There was a farmer named Rangan who lived in a small village. He was a hard worker. His land was very fertile and he had dug deep water well in the land. He made pipe arrangements to collect the rainwater in the well. He made piping to organise the water falling over the ceiling of the house to the well. For the piping work, he spent a little money.

A Drop of Water

A Drop of Water

He told the people to do something similar to save the rainwater. Worrying about the money, they did not react to his advice. Later in the summer, his town was hit by a drought. So, all the people in the village suffered from water scarcity. After a few days, the people in the village decided to ask their king for help.

The king welcomed them into his court. He asked, "People, I want to understand one thing first, did it shower during the monsoon season in your town?"

People replied, "Dear King, Yes, it showered heavily in the season!".

Then the king inquired "Why do you have the water shortage then? You must have water wells in your village, were they not filled? The village people answered, "Oh our mighty king, the wells have left dry once the Summer begins!"



The king asked, "Did you conserve the water in the well?". People answered that they have not stored rainwater till now. The king said to them, "The rainwater is our lifesaver. If you had saved rainwater in your wells today, your village would not have been depleted today. Now, realise the lack of water. Rangan, a farmer in your town, conserved sufficient rainwater in the well. He agreed to support you this summer. Do not forget to conserve the rain again!"

Beach and Ocean with Beautiful Weather

Beach and Ocean with Beautiful Weather

People realised the need to save rainwater and thanked the king and Rangan. From then, they started to save the rainwater and lived without water scarcity.

Moral: Little drops make the mighty ocean. Saving rainwater helps to avoid water scarcity.

Summary of the Story of a Drop of Water

From this story, we have learned that water is very essential for our living. We should have safe and clean drinking water so that we don’t fall sick. We should use water very carefully so that everyone gets water. We should plant more trees for the rain to come every year. In this story, the king tells a very important lesson about saving water and making aware people of the various problems people or farmers are facing who are not saving water.

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FAQs on The Adventures of a Little Drop

1. How different oceans are there in the world? 

There are five oceans in the world. These five oceans are listed below:

  • The Atlantic Ocean

  • Pacific Ocean

  • Antarctic Ocean

  • The Arctic Ocean 

  • The Indian Ocean 

Five oceans together constitute approximately 71% of the world’s water bodies. They officially provide water to the hydrosphere. The Atlantic Ocean is the 2nd largest ocean and is split up into the South Atlantic Ocean and the North Atlantic ocean. The Pacific Ocean is the biggest and the deepest out of the 5 oceans; it’s enclosed by Asia, Australia, and the Americas. 

The Antarctic ocean is placed around Antarctica and has the southernmost waters of all. The Arctic Ocean is not deep and is the smallest of all 5 oceans. It’s moreover called to be frigid of all five oceans. The Indian Ocean is the 3rd largest and is surrounded by Asia, Africa, and Australia.

2. How can unclean or dirty water harm our bodies?

Disease-causing microorganisms can be found in unpleasant or polluted water. The use of contaminated water can occur in a variety of skin diseases, as well as diarrhoea, cholera, and dysentery.

3. Do you know of different ways to clean the water? Describe them.

Water can be cleaned by filtering and adding chlorine tablets or by screening and mixing chlorine tablets and expanding alum.

4. What are the various uses of water?

Various uses of water listed below:

  1. Water is used for daily objectives like cooking, bathing, cleaning, and drinking.

  2. Water is used as a universal mixture.

  3. Water retains the temperature of our body.

  4. Water helps in the digestion system in our body.

  5. Water is used in manufacturing units and industries.

  6. Water is used to cultivate plants, vegetables, and crops.