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The Bear Short Story for Kids in English

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Overview of Two Amazing Stories Related To Bear

Do you enjoy reading animal stories? If so, then let us read an interesting story about bears.  This story is about a bear who is so hungry that he went fishing. Read through the story and see how he catches fish and what he does after catching them. The second story is also about a lazy bear and crabs living near him. At the end of the story, there is an interesting moral that will teach us a lesson that we can take away from these two tales. 

Interesting Bear Short Stories with a Lesson: Story 1

The Foolish Bear 

A bear lived on the riverbank of the jungle. One day, he felt hungry. He came out of the cave looking for food. The bear went to the river to catch a fish. He stood on the riverbank and stared at the water. After some time, he saw a fish. He rushed into the waters and caught it. But the bear thought, "It's too small to fill my stomach." I have to catch a bigger fish. So, he let go of the little fish. He waited for a while before catching another fish.

The fish was small this time as well. He thought the little fish would never fill his belly. So he let go of the fish again.

The Bear Catches a Small Fish

The Bear Catches a Small Fish

In this way, he caught a lot of little fish but still thought that the little fish wouldn't fill his belly and let go of them all.

At sunset, the bear hadn't caught a big fish yet. To make matters worse, the bear felt tired after standing for a very long time. He was beginning to regret leaving a lot of fish. He realised that all those little fish would have filled his belly together, but it was too late now. He had to stay hungry that day.

Moral of the Story

We should never have a greedy nature. Always try to stay happy.

Story 2

The Bear and the Crabs

Once upon a time, there lived a very lazy bear in the jungle. This bear was huge. The bear loved to eat. Anything he found would soon be devoured. But the bear was very lazy. "I don't want to be bothered by work such as killing animals or hunting them," the bear said to himself.

As a result, the bear ate the remainder of the prey left by other animals. "I can't hunt my prey. What's more, who wants to overcome all of life’s problems? I am very happy!” The bear told himself.

One day, the bear was hungry. He was looking for food in the cave. But he couldn't find anything worth eating. "Maybe I will see some animal who has already hunted and then snatch that prey from him," he thought. The bear waited for a long time, but he saw no one. 

Bear Gets Lucky in the Latter Part of the Day

Now in the afternoon, the bear could no longer control his hunger. So he decided to look for food himself. "If I take a walk in the jungle, I will certainly find something to eat," thought the hungry bear. As the bear walked around, he began to dream of what to eat. "Bamboo would be great," he thought. Then he said, "Fruits will do but if I can find honey, I'll be the happiest animal on planet earth!"

The Bear Finds Crabs Under a Rock

The Bear Finds Crabs Under a Rock

The bear walked around for a while but couldn't find anything. Then he arrived at the sandy shore that was there at the edge of the forest. There were many stones on the beach. He knew that he would find crabs under these rocks as he had seen them there before. Suddenly the bear thought of an idea.

The bear walked towards the rock and picked up the biggest one. Then he put his foot under the rock. The crab that lived underneath, thought it was a kind of prey, clung to the bear's furry feet. When the bear felt he had collected enough crabs, he stretched out and shook violently. The crab fell on the sand. Before the crabs escaped, the bear ate them. 

Moral of the Story

Never be lazy. Always work hard to get what you need.


Two interesting stories about bears are discussed in this article. First is “the foolish bear” and another is “the bear and the crab”. Both are interesting and good for kids. In both stories, we get to know of various qualities a person should have. The first story teaches us to be satisfied with what we already have and the second story about the bear and the crabs tells us how we should keep trying to do our work even if we don’t immediately achieve success. So, both bear short stories leave us with an important lesson. They help us realise that we should never be greedy. Always be happy with what you have. Never be sad thinking about what you do not have.

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FAQs on The Bear Short Story for Kids in English

1. What do we understand from the first story ‘The Foolish Bear’?

“A small fish in your hand is worth a big fish in the sea.” People are often disappointed with what they already have. They think to themselves “Life could have been better if only we had more money”. Such a person loses out on opportunities he already has at that moment and he also never enjoys life. A new car might drive better than an old one, but the purpose of both vehicles is in the end - to take you wherever you want to go. 

2. What do you learn from the second story ‘The Bear and The Crabs’?

“Even the foolish and lazy become wise when they are hungry.” Desperation is a great tool for motivation. When a person needs something, he will work hard to acquire it. Also, in this case, where the bear was starving, his life depended on whether he would be able to find food or not. In the end, he does find food even though his methods of searching for prey were absurd. He finds the crabs because of sheer luck and after trying out several other methods. 

3. Should we stay happy with what we have?

Yes, we should always be happy with what we have instead of crying for things we do not have. This is an important moral lesson that the two bear stories teach us. 

4. What mistake did the bear make in the first story ‘The Foolish Bear’?

In the first story ‘The Foolish Bear’ the bear caught a small fish first and he let it go as it was too small. He wanted to get a bigger fish so he again put it back in the water. This was his big mistake.

5. Did the bear get food in the second story ‘The Bear and The Crabs’?

Yes, the bear got food in the second story ‘The Bear and The Crabs’. He was lazy at first but when he was too hungry and was unable to find any type of food, he decided to work himself and caught crabs and ate them.