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The Arrogant Swans

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Overview of Golden Arrogant Swans

The arrogant swan’s story is a short and simple tale about the pretty golden swans who were rude and arrogant toward a homeless bird who wanted to live near their river and even pleaded with them. But the swans insulated the bird and sent her away. 

The humiliated bird then decided to teach them a lesson. You must have read many stories about swans but this one is different. So, What do you think the homeless bird would have done? Any guesses? Either yes or no for guesses, you have to read the whole story to check whether your guess is right or wrong.

The golden swans on the banks of the river

The Golden Swans on The Banks of The River

The Arrogant Swan’s Story 

A long time ago, there was a river in a kingdom and many golden swans lived on the bank of this river. They used to spend most of their day around it. 

Swans giving their golden feathers

Swans Giving Their Golden Feathers

After every six or seven months, these beautiful swans gave one of their golden feathers to the kingdom’s treasure as a fee for using the river. The king’s men used to come and collect the feathers and keep them in the treasure. 

Suddenly one day, a homeless bird was passing by and the quiet, peaceful river grabbed her attention. The bird thought that this was a nice place to live as there was a cool breeze from the river which felt very calm. 

The swans saw the bird and started shouting at her. And told her that the river belongs to us as we pay golden feathers to live over here therefore, you must leave. 

The bird politely told them that she is homeless and will pay the rent if they let her live there. 

She continuously begged them. 

But the swans started laughing at her and insulted her by saying you don’t have any golden feathers so how will you pay us. 

The arrogant swans making fun of the homeless bird

The Arrogant Swans Making Fun of The Homeless Bird

They further told her to stop dreaming about living near their river and sent her away. 

The bird was humiliated after this and decided to teach them a lesson. So she went to the King and told him about the swan’s arrogant behaviour towards her when she asked them for nothing but shelter near the river. 

The King became very angry after getting to know how impolite the swans truly are. He ordered his soldiers to call the arrogant swans to his courtroom. 

And when all the golden swans were gathered in the courtroom, the King told them that the kingdom’s royal treasure doesn’t depend on their golden feathers and nobody owns the river so how can you determine who can live near it? 

The king talking to the swans

The King Talking to The Swans

He further told the all swans to leave the river area and to go away, or else he’ll make sure that they are beheaded. 

The arrogant swans got very frightened and left the river as soon as they could and flew away. 

The bird was happy as she built a home on the banks of the river and was not homeless anymore. She even gave refuge to other birds who needed a home to live nearby. 

The home of the bird and the other refugee birds

The Home of The Bird and The Other Refugee Birds 

Moral of the Story 

In the story, the arrogant swan’s moral is to never be rude or arrogant towards anyone. Always be kind, polite, and helpful to other people. 


This story focuses on the arrogant swans who lived near the river and the way they insulted the homeless bird who begged them for shelter. The swans made fun of her as the bird didn’t have golden feathers to pay the rent. 

The bird then decided to tell everything about the swans to the King. 

And the King becomes very angry after getting to know the swan’s negative attitude and therefore asks the golden swans to leave the river as quickly as they can. 

The arrogant swan’s story teaches us to always have a kind and polite attitude and be humble. 

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FAQs on The Arrogant Swans

1. Describe the characteristics of golden swans.

The golden swans were disrespectful and impolite towards others. 

2. Why should one never have an arrogant and rude attitude? 

Arrogant people always feel superior to themselves and think of other people as lower than them. But such behaviour and attitude lead them into trouble any day. 

3. How would you describe the bird’s character in the story “The Arrogant Swans”? 

The bird in the arrogant swan’s story was good-hearted. A kind-hearted bird or good-hearted bird that was looking for a place to build a home.