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The Mythological Story of Devhuti

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The Bhagavatam story of Kapi devhuti sambhad chapter teaches the children about an essential aspect of Indian mythology, which is

  •  If you are sincere, then you will always succeed in life.

  • Patience is always rewarded.

Introduction to the Story of Devhuti

The Bhagavatam story of Kapi devhuti sambhad chapter starts with Kardama, a great sage, and yogi who is the son of Lord Brahma. After his father's insistence to have children, he goes into penance on the banks of river Saraswati to attain this wish.

This mythological story is a wonderful story that teaches children about the virtues of patience, goodness, how money does not matter if you are content in life, and loving nature.

Summary of the Story of Devhuti

Kardama Muni was a sage, a yogi, and Lord Brahma's son. At his father's desire, he wanted to have children.

He undertook a rather serious penance as directed by his father, Lord Brahma, to complete the task. He used his patience as his power to carry out that penance for over ten thousand years. Lord Vishnu showed himself before Kardama Muni.

The Supreme Lord Vishnu made an appearance on Garuda while holding four hands after being pleased by Kardama muni's strict penance. He showed up in the clouds.

The Lord's audience enraptured Kardama muni. The sweet words of the Lord pierced deep into his heart as he took in the beauty of the Lord and said that he would fulfil his desire.

Svayambhuva Manu, the king of the entire Earth, had a lovely daughter, and he was impressed by kardama and wanted his hand in marriage for his daughter. She would give birth to nine daughters, and through the rishis, they would fill the universe with living things. Later, his beloved son would be born, a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, and impart great Sankhya philosophy. After his son was born, he would have to go into the forest again to attain self-realisation. This was the prophecy that Lord Vishnu himself had told kardama.

To see the events that the Lord predicted as prophecy, Kardama muni remained there by himself. Later, Svayambhuva Manu and Satrupa, his wife and daughter with lotus eyes, arrived just as the Lord had predicted. Devhuti was the name of the daughter. After learning of her desire to wed him, the king was prepared to offer Devhuti to Kardama muni. When Kardama muni discovered the princess's desire, he happily agreed to marry her.

Later, Devhuti and Kardama Muni were wed according to all Vedic customs. Devhuti did not worry about living in her husband's hermitage despite being born and raised in a palace. She only wore plain clothing made of tree bark, slept on the floor, only consumed fruits and roots, and gave her husband her undivided attention.

They were blessed with nine lovely girls and enjoyed their marriage for 100 years.

The nine young ladies were named Kala, Anasuya, Shraddha, Havirbhu, Gati, Kriya, Khyati, Arundhati, and Shanti. Later, Srihari Vishnu entered Devhuti's womb. Knowing this, Lord Brahma travelled to Kardama muni's hermitage with all the rishis.

The daughters were wed to all of the rishis by Kardama muni per Brahma's directive. All divine beings were present to witness the wonderful wedding ceremony.

Later, Lord Kapila made an appearance in Kardama Muni's hermitage. Kardama was overjoyed to learn that the Lord had visited him at home and went to meet the Lord alone. He expressed his desire to abandon the established order of life and wander the Earth while keeping the Lord in mind.

After his son was born and promised to teach his mother Devhuti Sankhya philosophy, Kardama muni made a full three circumambulations of the Lord before peacefully departing for the forest. He had the same vision and attracted the Lord's attention while he was in the forest. His thoughts resembled a calm ocean. He continued to be calm in that spot until he attained the abode of the supreme.

Devhuti remained on the banks of Bindu Sarovar with her son after her husband left. For her complete satisfaction, she asked her son to impart imperishable knowledge. She asked him to rescue her from the sea of delusion and ignorance.

After imparting the Sankhya philosophy to her, Lord Kapila gave her a loving delivery. She would be free, he promised, from worldly desires.

Kardama Marrying his Daughters to Rishis

Kardama Marrying his Daughters to Rishis

The Moral of the story of Devhuti

This mythological tale of Devhuti teaches the children moral values like kindness and goodness. This story aims to prove that even with all the riches, a princess can live in a forest and be content. It also teaches that seeking knowledge is very important and it can improve your life.

Note to Parents 

Parents can narrate this tale to their children to instil in them the thirst to seek knowledge and be patient. This tale helps to understand the power of patience, kindness and how it is awarded in the end with all things good, and anything can be overcome by true determination and the right intentions.

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FAQs on The Mythological Story of Devhuti

1. Who was Kardama?

Kardama was the son of Lord Brahma.

2. Who was Devhuti?

Devhuti was the daughter of king Manu and Satrupa.

3. How many daughters was Kardama blessed with?

Kardama was blessed with nine daughters.


The Bhagavatam story of Kapi devhuti sambhad chapter teaches the children about an essential aspect of Indian mythology, which is

  •  If you are sincere, then you will always succeed in life.

  • Patience is always rewarded.