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An Interesting Story about Stars

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How Stars Appeared in the Sky

Do you love lying down on your terrace or balcony and gazing at the stars above? You must have recited the ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ poem and looked up at the stars. Do you know how these came into existence? Stars are actually balls of fire and they are far away from the Earth. They look like colourful gems and diamonds because they are actually burning in fire. Let’s read a story about stars and how they appeared in the sky.

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The Sun and the Moon as Best Friends

The Story about Stars

Millions of years ago, the Sun and the Moon were best friends. They were always together in the sky; so there was no night, only day. They played together and laughed together. One day, they decided to go out on a short trip and explore the land below them. Soon, they came across the huge and beautiful Ocean. The Ocean with its crystal clear water reflected the beautiful blue sky and the Sun and Moon in it.

The Ocean was happy to meet the Sun and the Moon. She liked them both and made friends with them. She enjoyed the warm light of the Sun and the cool light of the Moon. However, she loved the Moon a little more as she admired Moon’s decorated face. She danced in the Moon’s light through tides and waves and felt sad when it hid behind the clouds. This made the Sun angry. The Sun did not like the extra attention that the Ocean gave the Moon; the Sun was jealous of the Moon. 

One afternoon, when the Ocean was asleep, the Sun had a heated argument with the Moon. In an attempt to display who is more powerful, the Sun picked up the Moon and threw him against the largest planet Jupiter. Although the Moon did not shatter into pieces, it caused several fiery sparks that would not go out. The noise of this commotion woke the Ocean up. She was upset about the Sun’s behaviour. The Ocean asked, “What are those little fireballs?” The Moon replied, “Those are sparks that came out of me.” The Ocean misheard them as Stars and from then onwards, the sparks were called Stars. 

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The Stars Became Angry with the Sun

The Stars were angry with the Sun for trying to hurt the Moon. They charged towards the Sun in order to attack the Sun. However, the wise Ocean stopped them and said, “What do you think you are doing? I want no more fighting, please stop!” She asked the Sun to apologise to the Moon and the Moon to forgive the Sun. However, despite listening to her words, it did not seem that they would become friends again. Thus, the Ocean came up with a plan. She loved them both, so to equally share her time with them, she said, “Well, from now onwards, Sun you can visit me during the day and Moon at night. In this way, each of you will have your separate times with me.” They both agreed with Ocean. The Stars decided to stick with the Moon so that the Sun did not harm the Moon. All were happy and since then, we see the Sun in the morning and the Moon and the Stars at night. 

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The Sun During the Day and the Moon at Night


Dear readers, now you know why the Sun visits us in the daytime and the Moon, along with the stars, at night. Also, this story about stars also lets us know how stars came into being. It teaches us about being good and forgiving and protecting our friends and family. We hope you have enjoyed reading this short story about stars. You can head to our website and read many more of such interesting stories. 

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FAQs on An Interesting Story about Stars

1. What did the Sun do to the Moon out of jealousy?

The Sun and the Moon were best friends initially. However, when the Ocean started giving more attention to the Moon, the Sun became jealous. Out of jealousy and anger, the Sun picked up the Moon and threw it against the biggest planet Jupiter. The Moon did not break into pieces but several sparks or the Stars were born. 

2. How did the Ocean resolve the conflict between the Sun and the Moon and prevent the Stars from attacking the Sun?

When the stars were about to attack the Sun and charged towards it, the Ocean stopped them and prevented them from doing so. In order to resolve the conflict between the Sun and the Moon, the Ocean decided that the Sun would visit her in the day and the Moon, accompanied by the Stars, at night. In this manner, each would get the complete attention of the Ocean.