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Mother Holle Story

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Introduction to the Beginning of the Story

You must have heard many fairy tales and enjoyed them a lot. Today you will get an amazing short story about “Mother Holle”. This is a fairy tale of a good heart and hard work. It tells that hard work always pays off. You just have to be patient with it. 

Mother Holle is a Brothers Grimm fairy tale about young girls. These young girls were step-sisters and totally different from each other. The mother of these young ladies was a widow, always loved her daughter, and was cruel to her stepdaughter. A stepdaughter, quiet, tough, operating, but unloved. And a daughter, unpleasant, lazy, however, cherished. 

Then what happened with the stepdaughter? Do you have any idea? come on! read the further story to know more about Mother Holle and that stepdaughter.

Story Begins

The beautiful young lady used to do all the household work and after finishing her work she spend time in her garden. In the garden, she used to sit and spin all day by the well until her fingers bleed. One day when she was spinning the spin rod fell off in the well and in order to get that spin rod back she jumped off in the well. 

When she woke up from her weakness, she was lying on a beautiful rise.

On the rise, the young lady found a fireplace loaded with bread. The bread calls, "Take me out, any other way I'll consume." The young lady obliged. Then, she found an apple tree shaded with apples. The tree likewise addresses her. "Shake me, shake me, my apples are all ready and prepared." Again the young lady obliged.

Mother Holle

Mother Holle

The young lady at long last shows up at a little house. An elderly woman was sitting there. The elderly lady is named Mother Holle. She's a sort and delicate beloved, and the lovely young lady tried to satisfy her. Sooner or later, however, the young lady mysteriously asked to go home. She tells Mother Holle, "I realize that I'm in an ideal situation here than back there, however, I can't remain anymore."



Mother Holle got this news in warmness and took her to a huge gate made up of gold. At the point when Mother Holle opens the door, gold downpours down on the young lady until she's totally covered. "That is your award for functioning admirably," says Mother Holle. Mother Holle returned hr spin rod too.

The gate closed, and the young lady was back home. Since she's covered with gold, her stepmother and stepsister accept her compassion. They asked her about it and the young lady told the whole story about Mother Holle. 

After listening to this her stepmother asked her lazy daughter to do the same in the greed to get more gold. Her daughter followed it.

Mother Holle

Mother Holle

Like her step-sister did, she threw the spin rod in well and jumped off. When she opened her eyes, she found herself on the grassy land. She saw the bread-filled broiler. However, when the bread addressed her, the young lady snapped, "Do you truly think I need to get all filthy doing that?" She progressed forward on her way until she arrives at the apple tree, which asks, "Shake me, shake me!" The young lady inquires, "How could I get hit on the head?" and leaves.

Finally, she reached Mother Holle's home, where the elderly person made a similar proposal as in the past. Initially, she followed all the orders of Mother Holle but after passing days, she became lazier and lazier and even neglected to do a single order of Mother Holle.

Mother Holle wasn't satisfied. She fired the ugly young lady, who was happy to leave. Mother Holle brought her through the large door. However this time, rather than being rained with gold, the young lady is covered with tar. "That is your prize for your administration," says Mother Holle. The tar won't ever wash off.

Moral of the Story 

Try sincerely and you will be compensated. Be inactive and you will be rejected.


In this story, a widow has a beautiful, devoted step-daughter and an unattractive, lazy daughter. Although the widow adores her own daughter, she is cruel to her stepdaughter. The lovely girl must spin till her fingers bleed every day while she sits by a well close to the road. One day when spin roll fell off in the well. She also jumped in the well and met Mother Holle there. Mother Holle gave a reward for her hard work. Her step-sister followed in the greed to take reward from mother Holle and she received the reward for her laziness.

The tale of Frau Holle was presented to impart a lesson, like many other fairy tales collected by the Brothers Grimm. In this case, it means that effort is rewarded while laziness is questioned.

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FAQs on Mother Holle Story

1. What are the characteristics of Mother Holle?

Mother Holle is a very kind person, she recognised and helped good people who followed her instructions. She also gives a return gift according to the people’s behaviour. She gave gift of gold to the gold-hearted lady and gift of mud to lazy lady.

2. When was Mother Holle composed?

The fantasy was remembered for the principal version of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales (1812). The elderly person in the story, Mother Holle, alludes to a more established god from before Christianity, so conceivably this story is extremely old. 

3. What kind of story is Mother Holle?

Mother Holle is a German fairy tale. This story is collected by Brother’s Grimm. This story is suitable for children as it was first published in children’s and household tales.