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The Story of a Crystal Ball and Nasir in South Spain

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What does the Story “The Crystal Ball” Talk About?

The story of a crystal ball talks about wealth and happiness. Wealth gives you happiness but over expectation of anything is lethal. This story will help you understand the difference between greed and happiness. A story of a young boy who lives in a village who finds a crystal behind the Banyan tree and wishes for many things and eventually he learns one of the greatest lessons of life. Also, people living in the village also learn the lesson and promise themselves to stay happy and content.

By going through this story, you will gain inspiration to lead a peaceful life. Now, let us go through the story of Crystal ball and Nasir.

Story of Nasir and The Crystal Ball 

In the city of Spain, people lived in a small village and they were happy and content in their life. The kids used to play under the shade of trees. Near to the village, there lived a shepherd boy whose name was Nasir who stayed with his grandmother, father, and mother.

Each day, he used to take his goats up the hills to discover an appropriate place for them to graze. In the afternoon he might return with them to the village. At night his grandmother would tell him a story. The story of stars. This story certainly fascinated Nasir. The other day, he turned into looking at the goat's herd and playing his flute; he abruptly noticed the gleam at the back of the flower bush. When he got there in the direction of the branches, he saw a transparent and most stunning crystal ball.

Nasir Got a Crystal Ball

Nasir Got a Crystal Ball

The crystal ball was glittering like a colourful rainbow. Nasir carefully took the crystal in his hand and turned it around. With wonder, suddenly he heard a weak voice coming from the crystal ball. It said, “You can make any wish you desire and I will fulfil it."

Nasir couldn't trust that he had heard a voice instead he got lost in his beliefs for he had so many desires; however, he must desire for something which was impossible just like the wish to be able to fly. He said to himself, “If I have to stay till tomorrow I will memorise many things." He placed the crystal ball in a bag and gathered the herd, fortuitously returning back to the village. He determined that he would not tell anyone about the crystal ball.

Nasir Keeping a Crystal Ball in a Bag

Nasir Keeping a Crystal Ball in a Bag

On the following day also, Nasir couldn't determine what to wish for, because he definitely had everything he needed. The days passed as usual and Nasir was regarded as joyful and the people around him were surprised to see his joyful disposition.

One day, a boy accompanied Nasir and his herd and hid behind a tree. Nasir sat in one corner, took out the crystal ball, and for some time looked at it. The boy waited for the instant when Nasir would go to sleep. Again, he took the crystal ball and ran away. 

When he arrived in the village, he showed them the crystal ball. The residents took the crystal ball in their hands and turned it around with wonder. Suddenly, they heard a voice from withinside the crystal ball, which said, 'I can satisfy YOUR desire."

One day, a person grabbed the ball and cried, "I need one bag full of gold." Another took the ball and said loudly, “I desire chests full of jewellery." 

Some of them wanted that they would have their own palace with grand doorways made from 24-karat gold instead of their old houses. Some additionally wished for bags full of jewellery; however, nobody asked for gardens in their palaces. All their wishes were fulfilled; however, still, the citizens of the village were not happy.

People in the village were resentful because the person that had a palace had no gold and those who had the gold had no palace. Due to this reason, the citizens of the village were angry and were not speaking to each other. There was not even one garden that existed in the village where the children could play. The patience of the children was exhausting and they were unbearable.

On the other hand, Nasir and his family were cheerful and delighted. Every day, he would play the flute. The kids could hardly wait anymore and were planning to return the crystal ball to Nasir. The parents and acquaintances went to him.

The children said to Nasir, "When we had a small village we all were satisfied and lucky." The parents also spoke. In one way or another, no one is satisfied. The high-priced palaces and jewellery only bring us agony.

When Nasir noticed that the people were certainly regretful, he stated I have not wished till now, if you really need everything to revert to its own place, then I will wish for it. 

Everyone happily accepted. Nasir took the crystal ball in his hand, took it around, and expected that the village would restore to its previous condition. Everyone hastily turned towards the village and noticed it became the same old village with gardens full of trees and fruits.

Once again the people commenced to stay luckily and the kids played under the shade of the trees. From the next day and every day at sunset, the sound of Nasir's flute could be heard in the village.

Summary of The Crystal Ball Story 

After fulfilling the needs of people, they still felt unsatisfied. They were jealous because the person who had a palace had no gold and the person who had the gold had no palace. Due to this reason, the residents of the village were very angry with each other and stopped interacting with each other. The gardens in the village in which children used to play were no more. There had been palaces and gold everywhere. The kids became very unhappy. Only Nasir and his family were happy and satisfied. Every morning and afternoon he would play the flute.

When Nasir saw that the people were, in reality, sad, he said, “Even though the crystal ball asked me to wish for the thing I desire, I actually have not done it so far. But in case you really want everything to return to its own place, then I will wish for it.”

Everyone fortuitously agreed. Nasir took the crystal ball in his hand, moved it all around, and wondered if the village would become the same as it was before. In a moment, the palaces vanished, the green gardens appeared as they were before and the same old village full of trees was back.

Once again the people commenced to live happily and the children played below the trees. Nasir continued his tranquil life every day, playing his flute at sunset. Its melodious sound was audible all around the beautiful green village.

Moral of The Crystal Ball Story

Wealth and happiness can go hand-in-hand up to a certain limit. However, over dependence on wealth can make your life stressful. 

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FAQs on The Story of a Crystal Ball and Nasir in South Spain

1. Were people happy after getting their wishes fulfilled? What did they do further? 

As all the trees disappeared in the garden, people got unhappy and they desired everything to be as it was before. After a few days, the children of the village brought the crystal ball to Nasir. Parents and  children said to Nasir, “When we had a small village, we all were happy and joyful.” The parents also said that. They said, “In one way or another, all of us are unhappy. The luxurious life and palaces give us unhappiness.”

Nasir asked the crystal to bring back everything to its old form. After his wish got accepted, everyone got happy and people promised to lead a content and happy life.

2. What inspiration do you get from the Crystal Ball story?

In the Crystal Ball story with the help of a character called Nasir, the author wants us to know what is good and bad for us. We get an inspiration to stay contented and do the best we can do for ourselves for a happy living.