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Kansa Story

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An Introduction to the Story of How Krishna Killed Kansa

The Kansa story is one of the most popular mythological moral stories read and told in several communities all over the world. King Kansa was an evil and wretched king who ruled over the land of Mathura. His sister was called Devaki.

One day an oracle told Kansa that the eighth son of Devaki would be the one to kill him and end his rule. Terrified of this, he imprisoned Devaki and her husband and killed 7 of their sons. The eighth son was saved and a daughter was kept in his place. Kansa killed her and believed that he was now safe. But, was it true? Let’s find out! 

Kansa Finds Out That Krishna is Alive 

One day long after Kansa believed that he had killed the 8th child, he finds out that Devaki’s eighth son is alive and living in Vrindavan. He called for his soldiers to throw his sister and her husband back in jail and he promised them that he would be their son. Saddened by being imprisoned again, the two waited for the day their son would come and end King Kansa’s rule. 

Kansa, afraid for his life, called out for his trusted minister Kootaka. He told Kootaka to find out what happened to the mighty demon Keshi. Kootaka frightfully told the King that Keshi was killed at the hands of Krishna, Devaki’s eighth son. 

They Devised a Plan 

Kansa and his minister devised a plan to get Krishna to come to Mathura instead of Kansa trying to kill him in Brindavan. King Kansa called out for his cousin Akura. He asked Akura to go to Brindavan and get Krishna here. What Kansa did not know was that his cousin was a devotee of Krishna. Akura agreed and rushed to inform Krishna of what Kansa was planning. 

Krishna laughed at their foolish attempt. He told Akura that he would come to Mathura and deal with Kansa once and for all. He and his brother Balram set out towards Mathura Immediately. As the news of his arrival spread, people began to get more and more excited as Kansa’s worry grew day after day. 

They Arrived At Mathura

As Krishna was nearing Mathura, King Kansa thought of a plan to deal with the boy. He asked Kootaka to release the mad elephant Kuvalayapida. Kootaka hesitantly agreed as he was scared to face the terrible Kansa’s wrath. The mad elephant was released and he began to trample everything in his path. People were terrified and ran for their lives.

Upon seeing a young blue man it raced towards Krishna hoping to crush him under his mighty leg. Unfazed Krishna picked up his sword and sliced its trunk off. Everybody was mesmerised by Krishna’s bravery as he slayed the beast with no fear. They began to chant Lord Krishna’s name. 

Hearing this Kansa was shocked! How could he kill such a terrifying beast without even batting an eye? Kansa then decided to send the demon brothers Mushtika and Chanura to kill Krishna and Balram. The two demon brothers happily obliged and went into the town to kill the two men. 

Krishna and Balram Defeat the Demon Brothers 

The crowd cowered in fear looking at the demon brothers. Before the two could even attack, Balram hit one of them on the head with his mace while Krishna hit the other with his club. Chanura crept up behind Lord Krishna but avoided the demon's axe and pushed him to the ground.

Krishna, and Balram Fight the Demon Brothers

Krishna, and Balram Fight the Demon Brothers

A crowd assembled to look at Balram and Krishna defeat the demons. People speculated about how the boys had been blessed by Lord Vishnu and would not be defeated easily. Hearing the crowd Kansa was confident that his demons had won and so he came to check. He was shocked to see Krishna and Balram standing victorious over his dead demons. 

Krishna Killed Kansa

Upon seeing this, King Kansa, filled with fear and dread, tried to run away by finding a gap in the crowd, but the people of Mathur did not let him. They had enough of his cruelty and wanted to see him finally be punished for his sins. As he sees his nephew come towards him with a smile, Kansa fears for his life and tries to run away once again. Krishna grabbed him by his hair and threw him down on the ground. He yelled that Kansa was not fit to be a king and ripped away the crown from his head. His uncle tried to run away but couldn't escape Krishna’s grip.

Krishna Kills Kansa

Krishna Kills Kansa

Kansa begged for mercy but Krishna would not budge from his decision. He decided to slowly choke the life out of Kansa for every crime he had ever committed. After announcing his crimes while Kansa struggled for air, Lord Krishna snapped his neck, finally fulfilling the prophecy. 

The Skies Opened Up and Showered Flowers 

The skies opened up and the heavens showered down flowers on the victorious brothers. Before beginning their celebrations, the pair ran towards the dungeon and freed Devaki and Vasudev. Krishna went to the next cell and freed his grandfather who Kansa had also imprisoned. His grandfather declared Krishna the new king but he told his grandfather that before Krishna could take the throne he had to find his destiny. Krishna and Balram then left for Vrindavan as the town rejoiced in the death of the evil King Kansa. 


The Kansa story is the story of how Lord Krishna killed Kansa. Kansa found out that Devaki’s 8th son was alive so he imprisoned the couple and began to plan how to kill his nephew. He first sent his favourite demon Keshi, but Krishna killed him. Then he planned to get Krishna to Mathura, so he sent his cousin Akura to lure Krishna there. Akura warned Krishna and Krishna and Balram set out to Mathura to kill Kansa. They reached there and first slayed the mad elephant Kavalayapida and then the demon brothers. Then Krishna choked the life out of Kansa and freed his mother, father, and grandfather. Finally, the prophecy the oracle laid out came to pass. 

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FAQs on Kansa Story

1. What was Kansa's father's name?

Kansa's father's name was Urgasena. He was the king of Mathura before Kansa but Kansa snatched the crown from his father and started his cruel rule. 

2. What is the moral of the Kansa Story?

The main moral of the story was that good always triumphs over evil. Good things will take time but they will surely happen.

3. Who was Keshi? 

Keshi was a powerful mystic demon, who was sent by King Kansa to kill Lord Krishna, the boy with a peacock feather in his hair. Keshi took the form of a demon horse that could run very fast and galloped towards Vrindavan.