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The Story on Positive Thinking in English for Kids

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Such short stories teach children to be positive from a young age and prepare a healthy mindset.

They will also learn to be positive and highly motivated in any situation.

Introduction to the Power of Positive Thinking Story

Our mind is a fertile ground where many thoughts, ideas, and awareness generate every single day. Without the power of the mind, human beings can not achieve anything. But, the mind can take us on the right as well as the wrong path. It is how we train our minds with positive thoughts that affect every outcome of whatever work we perform.

Stories are one of the best ways for kids to learn anything and by reading positive thinking inspirational moral stories, children would learn how to see good in everything which benefits them in all spheres of life. The story in this article is one such story on positive thinking, which is illustrated through two pupils of a teacher. Let us begin with reading the summary of this story on positive thinking, and understanding the moral of this story.

Summary of Story on Positive Thinking

A teacher had two disciples of very different natures. One of them always saw good in everything and had a beautiful positive thinking nature while the other always found something negative or faulty in every situation. One day the teacher took both his disciples to a garden where they came across a mango tree. The tree had many juicy and ripe mangoes hanging from it. When the teacher saw the tree, he got the idea of testing his students.

He then called the first student, who had an auspicious and positive vision, to look at the tree carefully and then speak about his thoughts about the tree. The students replied that the tree was magnanimous as it was constantly being hit by people with stones to get fruits, yet it was benevolent and gave back sweet and delicious mangoes to all those who hit the tree. The students further said that from this tree we can learn that we must share our treasure even if we hurt or suffer.

The teacher was very pleased with this answer and he called the second student after that. This disciple had a negative state of mind and after looking at the tree he concluded that the tree was useless. He said that by itself the tree does not do anything but only after people hit it with sticks or stones does it bestow fruits on them. He concluded that if we have to gain something from someone, violence is the only means to do that.

The teacher was disheartened to hear the second student's version and praised and blessed the first student wholeheartedly. He felt that the second student always learned things the wrong way and needed to better his vision of his surroundings in order to become more clear-headed and happy in life.

Pictorial Depiction of Positive Thinking Moral Story

Pictorial Depiction of Positive Thinking Moral Story

The Moral of Positive Thinking Story

This story on positive thinking tells us that there are many interpretations of the same event, situation, person, or thing. It is how we perceive it that makes all the difference. If we see good in any and everything, we will be more peaceful in life. Goodness begets happiness, hence when we look at things positively, we manifest happy things in our lives.

Note to Parents

Positive attitude stories enable parents to easily teach difficult concepts of life to their kids. Parents can utilize this story to help kids deal with any kind of environment and situation. They could cite some of the real life situations which could have two outcomes and tell the kids how thinking positively or negatively can affect the outcome of that situation. Parents must also tell their kids that there is something to learn from every situation and never get frustrated by some bad incident in life and try to look at it positively and think of it as a learning experience.

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FAQs on The Story on Positive Thinking in English for Kids

1. What suggestion would you give to the second pupil who had negative thinking?

I would tell the disciple who always saw bad in others that there are always two sides to a coin. The one you see is not the only truth of a given circumstance and you must try looking at it with a more fresh and positive attitude. If we foster negative feelings, it will only harm us in the end. We must always bestow others with the best in us, despite how others treat us or see us.

2. How does this story help young children in shaping their character?

The power of a positive thinking story is immense for growing minds. The story is a good narrative of how looking at a situation through a lens of positivity and kindness can help us keep calm as well to make the world a better place to live. From this story, children will learn how what we think affects us and everyone around us, and we have control over our thoughts and minds. If we let our minds think badly about others or situations, we will get back the same thing in our lives too. Therefore, we must take a moment to assess any situation and try to see the good that comes out of it. Kids are exposed to various situations in their everyday lives, at home, and in school. So, if they learn positivity, it will help them control their emotions and give them a happier outlook and persona.

3. Why are moral stories important for children?

Children learn best when the learning process is fun and entertaining for them. So, if you want them to learn good morals then positive thinking and inspirational moral stories are the perfect way to teach them. Positive attitude stories and other moral stories are a gateway to the world for children and they understand how to conduct themselves and understand others better as they grow in life.