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Try Try Again Story: A Moral Story for Children

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An Introduction to Try Try Again Story

James Baldwin's book, Fifty Famous People: A Book of Short Stories, contains the motivational story "Try, Try Again!" that is featured on this page. Each of the individuals featured in each story has left "footprints on the sands of time," according to James Baldwin, who published the book in 1912.

Fifty Famous People Book

Fifty Famous People Book

Although it is not a biography, the story is based on the person's real life. The story is incredibly motivating, and it serves as a wonderful illustration of moral principles. The tale is still relevant today despite having been written more than a century ago. You've found it if you're looking for a motivating tale to read to your kids that's full of inspiration and ideas. 

Learn about one of the fifty characters in James Baldwin's short story collection "Fifty Famous People." Each of these remarkable people has left behind a legacy that we can enjoy and pass on to upcoming generations.

The Story

Try Again Story

Try Again Story

A well-known Tartar ruler by the name of Tamerlane once ruled that country. He had the same ambitions as Alexander the Great — to rule the entire planet. To fight a war on other nations, he gathered a large army. He sacked numerous kings and set several towns on fire. However, his army was ultimately routed, his men were distributed, and Tamerlane escaped the field of battle by himself.

He walked around in fear from one place to another for a very long time. They were seeking him out, his enemies. He felt hopeless. He was about to give up on life. He was reflecting on his troubles while lying under a tree one day. It had been twenty days since he had left home. He could no longer maintain his strength.

He suddenly noticed a tiny object making its way up the tree's trunk. It was an ant, which he found when he took a closer look. A grain of wheat the size of the ant was being carried by it.

As Tamerlane started, he noticed that there was a hole in the tree just a short distance above and that this was the ant's home. He commented, "You are a brave fellow, Mr. Ant, but you have a heavy load to carry.”

The ant lost its balance and fell to the ground as he was speaking; however, the wheat grain was still managed to retain by it. The second time it tried to carry its load up the tree's rough trunk, it was again unsuccessful.

Tamerlane kept an eye on the brave little bug. It attempted three times, four times, twelve times, and twenty times, but it always came to the same conclusion. After that, the ant made the 21st attempt. It snuck up across the rough area where it had fallen and slipped frequently and slowly, one tiny step at a time. It carried its priceless load as it quickly and safely ran into its house. Tamerlane praised his achievement. "I now know a lesson from you. Until I succeed, I will also try and try again."

And he carried out this.


The moral of the Try Try Again Story teaches us a lesson that the secret to success is never giving up. Ants understand this lesson. It is up to us to pick up new skills. Never lose heart. We learn the true meaning of life from the story of Try, Try Again. It teaches people not to give up. Each person needs to work harder to get better results in life.

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FAQs on Try Try Again Story: A Moral Story for Children

1. What can be learned from tiny ants and how can ants be great teachers?

Hard work, a sense of responsibility, and discipline are three things we can take away from the ants. An ant is never seen standing still.

Ants are loyal, polite, careful, and have a strong sense of duty. Ants are the smallest and most intelligent insects among the other insects. They are the best teachers because they are the most trustworthy in terms of order and hard work.

2. Is Try Try again story a biography?

No, Try Try Again story is not a biography but it is based on a true story of a girl whose name was Sonia. This story is used as a good motivational story for kids that’s why you can easily can many versions of it.  

3. Why did Tamerlane escape from the field of battle?

Tamerlane escaped the field of battle because of fear. He had not had enough confidence to win the battle. So, when he saw a lot of the army of the enemy he decided to escape from the battle.