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The Story of Sophie and Her Little Dog

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Sophie’s Little Dog: A Short Story of Dog for Kids in English

Do you have a pet? Maybe or maybe not! Well, most kids are fond of pets. Though kids are found to play with their pets and enjoy their company, when it comes to taking care of pets, they depend on their parents. Like most of us, little Sophie longed for a pet and asked her parents if she could get a puppy. Let us read her story and find out how she convinced her parents to get her a puppy and what happened next.

Sophie and Her Little Dog

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl named Sophie. She lived with her parents in a village in the countryside of France. Sophie’s parents used to travel to the city for work every day. Sophie wished to pet a little dog. So one day she said to her mother, “Mother, I want a little dog.” Her mother told her politely that they would not be able to get any pet. As she and her husband both went to work, they would not be able to take care of the pet.

Sophie was disappointed. However, after a few days, she again tried to convince her parents to get a little pet dog. Her parents again turned her request down politely. Sophie’s father explained to her that getting a pet is a big responsibility. Apart from feeding the little dog, they must also wash it, take it to the veterinary for vaccines and other health issues, spend time with it, and play with it. He told Sophie that it is like a new member of the family.

After a few days, when Sophie turned six years of age, her mother thought to adopt a stray puppy and see if she was ready to take up the responsibility. Sophie was very happy on seeing the new puppy at her home. She decided to call it ‘snow coconut shooting star’. Even though her parents tried to convince her that it was quite a long name for a pet. Still, Sophie insisted to name her pet like this. She called it snow coconut shooting star as the puppy had a soft white fur cover. 

Image of Sophie’s Snow Coconut Shooting Star

Image of Sophie’s Snow Coconut Shooting Star

Since the day Sophie’s mother adopted the little puppy, Sophie had taken care of it. She bathed it, fed it with care, went out on a walk with it, and she even had taken it to the vet, twice. Hence, her parents were happy with her and they knew that little Sophie was capable to take responsibility for a pet. Sophie’s mother gladly promised her that they would gift her another little puppy on her next birthday.

Moral of the Story

The moral of this story is: “To become responsible, it is not about our age. We can be responsible at any age.”


This short story of dog and little Sophie teaches us that we can be responsible at any age. The stories that convey simple yet important messages are highly recommended for kids. When we encourage our kids to read moral short stories in English, we give them the opportunity to learn life lessons in disguise. So let kids read more of such beautiful short stories and learn the most important lessons of life through them.

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FAQs on The Story of Sophie and Her Little Dog

1. Why did Sophie’s mother deny to buy her a new puppy?

Sophie’s parents went to work every day so they could not be at home most of the time. When Sophie asked for a puppy, her mother explained to her what it was to take care of a puppy. She told Sophie as she and her husband would not be at home, there was no one to take up the responsibility of the puppy. Hence, she turned down Sophie’s idea of getting a puppy.

2. Was Sophie able to convince her mother to get her a new puppy?

Yes, Sophie’s mother adopted a stray puppy and brought it home when Sophie turned 6. Her mother wanted to see if Sophie could take the responsibility of a pet. To her surprise, Sophie took care of the puppy meticulously. So, she was very happy and had told Sophie that they would gift her another new puppy on her next birthday.