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Noddy Goes To Toyland Story

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Noddy’s Adventures

A good adventure story has the power to take us to a place we might not explore. We get involved in the characters and the things that matter to them.

We go to places we would never go normally, and we sometimes see a spark of adventure in ourselves that we didn't realise was there. We begin to feel like we're along for the ride as well, and we find ourselves eager to see what's around the next corner.

In this article, we will discuss the classic adventure story of Noddy Goes to Toyland.

Noddy Goes To Toyland Story

Big-Ears was furiously riding his little red bicycle through the woods near Toyland. He crashed with someone suddenly. They fell to the ground, and the bicycle crashed on them with a loud smash!

Big-Ears wore red-striped pants and had large pointed ears. He then realised who he had bumped into. "You're a strange man," Big-Ears said, glancing at him, "What are you?  You don't have the appearance of a pixie, a brownie, or a goblin." Big-Ears was confused. This little man was unlike anyone he'd ever seen. "No," he responded simply, nodding his head. Big-Ears then inquired as to whether he was a toy. He declined once more. The strange man nodded once more. Big-Ears didn't know how to react to this man. And he thought his nodding head was unusual. "Why do you nod your head when you say 'No'?" he asked.

After that, the little nodding man revealed that his head was made of wood. It was also attached to his shoulders in such a way that when he spoke it nodded. It nodded even when he didn't want it to, the little man added.

Suddenly, a mouse ran by the little man. He became frightened. Who was that, the little man inquired of Big-Ears? "Does it seem to be following me?" fearfully, he inquired. Big-Ears said, "It's nothing more than a field mouse. Is it possible that you're being followed?" The little man explained to Big-Ears that he had run away and thought that someone was following him. 

The little man told him, "I belong to an Old-carver who lives in the woods." Big-ears was shocked and asked as to why he ran away. According to the little man, he became really lonely there. Also, the old man was carving a lion. "You see, I'm not a big fan of lions." Big-Ears asked as to how he was created.

The strange man began his story by saying, "He started with wooden feet and then moved on to wooden legs. The Old Carver then created a round body out of wood. Then he made wooden arms and legs too! And then a wooden head and a wooden neck." "Can you tell me what your eyes are made of?" Big-Ears asked.

The eyes were made of blue beads, and his hair was made of bits of fur, according to the little man. They'd come from the cat of Old Man Carver. Big-Ears was surprised at this. Big-Ears couldn't figure out why the little man fled. So, he inquired as to why he chose to run. The strange man told him "I want to go somewhere where there are a lot of people! I want to live with many people."

Big-Ears told him that he would be going to Toyland. Toyland was a place where all of the toys lived together. Because the small man wasn't a brownie or a goblin, Big-Ears assured him that he would be welcomed. Big-Ears also told the little man that if he wishes, he may accompany him to Toyland. "But I don't know how to go there," the little man said.

Big-Ears told him not to worry because he knew the way. They may catch a train to Toyland if they hurried to the nearest station. The little man was overjoyed. Big-Ears then helped the strange man and instructed him to grip on tight. Big-Ears raced towards the train station on his bicycle, paddling with all his might. Several times, the poor little wooden man almost fell off.

Big-Ears and the Little Man on the Way to the Station

Big-Ears and The Little Man on the Way to The Station

Big-Ears asked the little man his name while riding his bicycle. The little man replied that he didn't have a name! "I believe your name is Noddy," Big-Ears decided after thinking a lot. "I believe it is," Noddy replied happily.

The train whistled nearby, which Noddy and Big-Ears could hear. They made their way to the railway station in a hurry. They rushed into the station, arriving just in time for the train. The train arrived with a bang. "It's off to Toyland! It's off to Toyland!" a voice cried on top of all the noise.

Big-Ears, after reaching Toyland, generously provides Noddy with a home and a set of clothes. While Noddy enjoys his role as a toy, the residents of Toyland are unsure if he is one. They put Noddy on trial to see if he's a toy or an ornament. Noddy has eventually declared a toy, but he must still prove to the court that he is a decent toy. After a doll tells the court that Noddy saved her small girl from a lion, the Judge appreciates Noddy's good work and allows him to stay in Toyland.

Moral of The Story

This story would be incredibly suspenseful for children, and the morals are excellent. You can get into trouble if you do something foolish, but owning up and especially trying to solve the problem you caused will always be better than apologising.


Noddy is a toy, but it's a good toy. This story is about Noddy's friendship with Big-Ears and how he ended up in Toyland.

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FAQs on Noddy Goes To Toyland Story

1. What happened once they reached Toyland?

Big-Ears after reaching Toyland generously provides Noddy with a home and a set of clothes. While Noddy enjoys his role as a toy, the residents of Toyland are unsure if he is one. They put Noddy on trial to see if he's a toy or an ornament.

2. Why are adventure books good for kids?

After all, adventure stories are fascinating and full of twists and turns and take readers on a new adventure. Adventure stories for kids also come in a variety of genres, allowing every kid to find something that suits his or her interests.