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The Trolls Bedtime Story for Kids in English

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This story comes all the way from Sweden's folk tale. 

  • The trolls story is written by Anna Wahlenberg, a Swedish children's book writer. 

  • The story describes a troll and his blessing to young men who are going to her lover's house.

An Introduction to the Troll Fairy Tale

This story belongs to a Swedish folk fairy tale. The story begins with a young man named Lars. Lars is going to her lover's house to ask for her hand. Although his lover's father is very particular about time, Lars must hurry up before the time. Unfortunately, he encounters a troll on his way, and many other things slow his journey.

Despite many twists and turns this story is a complete adventure ride for the kids which they will love reading. This tale also makes up for a thrilling bedtime story as well.  Therefore, to know what happened next or if he reached in time or not, keep on reading!

The Story of Trolls Fairy Tale in English

Once upon a time, there was a farmer's son called Lars. Lars was very happy and excited, he was riding his horse and going towards the city on his tall horse. In the city, he would buy a new leather jacket to look good, as he had to reach his lover's house in order to ask for her hand (marriage). Lars was not a quite punctual man, he had never been one. Everybody knew this about Lars, if he said he would reach somewhere there was a 50-50 chance that he would be there or make it on time.

But this time it was a different scene, Lars love's father was very disciplined and punctual about time. He hated people who are always late or lethargic. Thus, Lars had to reach his Love's house by 6 anyhow, if he got late he would lose her forever. So after reaching the city, Lars went into a jacket shop and began trying some jackets. Finally, he purchased a leather jacket and went off on his journey.

On his way, he decided to choose a different path to shorten his journey. So he took the jungle way instead of the road. As he walked inside the dense forest he saw something moving around inside a ditch. As he went near it he saw a very horrible creature. Lars had never seen any such creature before, it had the ugliest face and a confusing body. Lars was about to run away from that place just when the ugly creature looked up and began staring at him. It was a woman! She was crying out of pain as her left leg was badly injured and she couldn't get out of the ditch.

She said to Lars "Dear young man please help me out of this ditch, in return I will reward you with a shiny gold coin" She took out a bright coin and showed it to Lars. Lars was shocked and asked "Why me? many other people pass by the trail, ask them." To this, the woman replied, "Before you, I asked for help from 4 other people although all of them took the gold coin and ran away without helping."

All I wanted was to gather the resin of the 7 pines planted in a straight line and apply it on my wound."Lars felt very disgusted and said, "Then you must wait for another passer-by, as I am leaving right now." He was about to sit on his horse just when he heard a voice from a distance "Dear daughter, dear daughter where are you?" The woman said, "Dear young man, this is my mother's voice and she is looking for me. Please help me. I will give you as many gold coins as you want." Saying this the woman took out lots of bright gold coins and showed them to Lars. He was shocked to see the gold coins and said, "Such a creature in the middle of the forest, with so many gold coins. I know who you are. You are a troll!"

Lars immediately sat on his horse and ran away at full speed. Finally, Lars was at the end of the jungle, suddenly he saw 7 pines lined up straight, he remembered the troll talking about this. Although he ignored it and began moving and heard the same calling again "Dear daughter, dear daughter where are you". He ignored it and kept moving. But the voice echoed in his ears every time. Finally, he decided to collect the resin of the 7 pines and give it to the troll to get rid of the voice. He collected the resin and rushed back to the ditch. He threw the resin directly on her leg out of anger. Finally, the troll was relieved from the pain and the voice disappeared too. Lars was finally free and had to rush to his love's house as he was already running late.

The ugly looking troll inside the ditch

The Ugly Looking Troll Inside the Ditch

He hopped on his horse and went away. On the way, he met his older brother who reminded him that only half an hour was left. As Lars kept riding he felt as if something was behind him, something big and greyish. Whenever he looked back it disappeared. Although Lars was sure there was something. A little further he saw his father shouting "You will never make it, now you will lose her. I told you to be on time. Hurry now!" Lars pulled the horse reigns and suddenly the horse began to run very fast.

With time, it became faster and faster, and soon it began to fly over the ground. Only one minute was left. But Lars somehow reached his love's house and dashed right into the house. His hair was messy, and the jacket was all torn but still, he looked quite manly and handsome. Looking at him his love Lisa ran right into her arms and hugged him tightly.

Everyone was very happy and Lisa's father was shocked, yet satisfied. Since that day Lars was never late to any place, even if he started his journey late he would make it on time. No one knew how he rode the horse so fast, but only Lars knew whose doing it was.

Lars riding on his horse

Lars Riding on His Horse

Moral of the Trolls Story

The moral of this trolls ride on story is that one should not judge a person by looks, and help those who are needy. We should not help only when getting something in return, but we should do it by heart and out of humanity, not greed.

Tips for the Parents

This is a very thrilling story full of mystery and spookiness, but it also contains a great message and moral for children. Therefore, it is advised that parents tell their kid's such stories and help them evolve and develop.

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FAQs on The Trolls Bedtime Story for Kids in English

1. What was moving inside the ditch?

There was a very ugly-looking fat creature inside the ditch, it was a troll.

2. How did Lars rescue the Troll?

Lars went and collected the resin of the 7 pine trees and gave it to the troll. On applying the resin to the wound, it healed completely.

3. Who was the grey shadow sitting on the back of Lars?

Only Lars knew that the person sitting on the back was the troll whom he helped in the forest.


This story comes all the way from Sweden's folk tale. 

  • The trolls story is written by Anna Wahlenberg, a Swedish children's book writer. 

  • The story describes a troll and his blessing to young men who are going to her lover's house.