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Story of The Farmer and The Stork with Moral Lesson

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An Introduction to The Story of The Farmer and The Stork

The story of the farmer and the stork is related to a farmer who plants traps in his field to catch the cranes that were stealing the seeds he had sown.

It is a very famous story that teaches a valuable lesson which you can read at the end of the story. 

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The Farmer and The Stork

Read the full story of the Farmer and the Stork with Moral Lesson to know what happened to the stork when he was caught in the net of the farmer.

Story of The Farmer and The Stork

A stork loves his old parents. He used to bring food for his mother and father.

One day he met a number of cranes who went to lands of flowers to pick up seeds. They offered him to join them so that he can also get food easily.

The Stork joined the flock of cranes without thinking twice.

One day they visited the land of a farmer. The farmer had placed a net on his newly sown flower land to catch the flock of cranes who used to eat his flowers and seeds.

The farmer caught a number of crans along with the stork. The leg of the stork was fractured in the net.

The poor stork began to cry and begged Farmer to leave him. He said to the farmer, “ Please leave me. My limb is broken and it is hurting. I have come to collect food for my old parents. They must be waiting for me.”

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The Stork Talking to Farmer

But the farmer did not pay any attention to him. The stork continued. “ I am a sweet bird. Look at my beautiful feathers. I am an innocent stork, not a crane.”

The farmer was very angry as the cranes had made him suffer losses. He said loudly,” Whatever you are saying to me may be the truth but I have caught you with these cranes who are robbers. You must die with them.”

The stork tried hard to save his life but ended up because of his bad company.

Moral of The Story

The moral of the story is that we should always be and work in the good company of friends.


The story is very interesting and teaches us to be in good company with friends. Although we are doing good it will have bad consequences if our company is bad.

The full story with morals is provided above in the article.

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FAQs on Story of The Farmer and The Stork with Moral Lesson

1. What did the stork say to the farmer?

When the stork was trapped with cranes by the farmer. He said to the farmer that he was not a crane but a stroke. He further said that he was a sweet bird with beautiful feathers and requested the farmer to spare his life.

2. Why did the farmer not release the stork?

The Stork requested and begged the farmer to leave him but the farmer did not release it as it was caught along with the cranes eating his seeds. He was very angry as he had faced loss due to the flock of cranes.