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What is a Kindergarten Story?

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Let's Read Some Interesting Kindergarten Stories for Kids

Storytelling is a way of relating a fictional or real event to an audience or a group of people, based on something that took place already or formed in the mind for some purpose. There are many easy short stories for easily understandable kindergarten children.

An Easy Short Story for kindergarten

An Easy Short Story for kindergarten

For example, Panchatantra stories are appropriate for Kindergarten kids as morals are hidden in the message these stories have. Today we will read a simple short story in English with morals called the stories of four friend’s stories who lived in a jungle and helped each other with their abilities to save each other’s life.

A Small Story in English

In this, we will discuss a small story in English which is based on the Panchatantra focusing on sandhi. This is the story of four friends, one usual day when they met at their place, one of his friends was missing, then what happened? How did they find it? Let’s read further to know about it.

The Four Friends’ Story

Based on Panchatantra Focusing on (Sandhi) 

A group of four good friends lived in a deep lush green forest. Four were a deer, a crow, a mole, and a tortoise. Daily they met under the shadow of a giant banyan tree.

One day, they all gathered as usual, but a friend was missing the deer. The mole, tortoise, and crow were shocked at the same time. The mole turned to the crow and asked for help to fly high and see if it could spot the deer, and soon the crow, unfortunately, found the deer in a trap.

The crow cried, “Friend deer! What happened?” The deer sighed seeing a friend at the rescue, “I am here my friend. I usually don’t make this mistake. I am now in a big problem, as you see. Please help with a quick solution. The hunter will be back here in no time “ The crow assured help, flew away to his friends, and recited the whole scenario.

Four Friends Near the Banyan Tree

Four Friends Near the Banyan Tree

Help the Deer!

The crow insisted the tortoise be there near the tree till the time, the crow and mole would go to help the deer, and the mole, with its sharp teeth, would cut the trap and bring the deer back.

The crow picked up the mole in her beak and flew quickly to the spot where the deer was trapped.

The deer sighed out of relief.  The mole went up there near the deer and started biting the net, and within some time, the deer was free and recused. “Thank you, my friend “ the deer jumped out of the trap with pure happiness. 

Hunter Came!

“Ah! It looks like our friend is free!” came a voice from the bushes. It was the tortoise who had walked slowly at its pace to the spot, they were all happy, but their happiness was short-lived as the hunter came at that moment.

The deer jumped and vanished into the bushes, the crow flew away, and the mole dug and escaped. The only one who could not make its way was the tortoise captured by the hunter. The hunter exclaimed, “ If not the deer, then why not a tortoise soup for the evening “ and carried the tortoise on his back and started walking away from the forest.

Tortoise Gets Captured by the Hunter

Tortoise Gets Captured by the Hunter

 The crow cried, “ We lost our friend in the hand of the hunter. “ 

“No, there is still hope,” said the mole with a smile as he whispered a plan to his two friends.   The hunter's path was near a lake where he was returning to his place; they all planned a plot to save their friend, the tortoise. The deer lay between the track near the lake, and the crow started pecking his eyes to mislead the hunter that the deer was dead.

The hunter could not believe his luck. “I lost one deer, but I have found another! The tortoise smiled that his friends had come to free him from the trap. As the hunter walked towards the deer, leaving the tortoise on the ground, a mole came and quickly started to cut the rope, and the tortoise ran back to the lake, safe in the water. The deer ran, and the crow flew back to the banyan tree, and they all sat under it and said, “ As long as we will help each other, we will be safe!”

Moral of the Story

This story teaches “be united whatever the situation is”. We should always be united to win a battle over anything in life.


This short story in English with moral can be summarised as how people with different capabilities and talents become friends and meet each other daily with the love they hold for friends; the story gave us a message that united, we stand tall and together, and we fall when separated, we should always stay united in all situations and hence can save each other from the problem. This easy short story for kindergarten kids shows how friends always have each other’s back, no matter the situation. It doesn’t matter how different we are; as long as we are together, we are all safe and happy.

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FAQs on What is a Kindergarten Story?

1. How did their different qualities help in this situation?

The group of friends possessed different talents as in the case of the deer it ran too fast and escaped from the plot when required, the crow could fly and help in finding the deer and pecking the eyes to mislead, and the mole digs the hole and cut the rope in both the cases and helped his friend. The surfing talent saved the tortoise. Hence all were saved because of different qualities and saved all their friends in need.

2. What is the story's moral, and which theme of Panchatantra?

The theme of Panchatantra is sandhi which means to unite, and the story's moral is the same. The four of them won the battle against the hunter, saved their friendship, and rescued their friends twice from the hunter's trap. The happiness of the hunter was short-lived and didn’t get any of them into the trap, and they lived happily under the same shadow of a lush green banyan tree in the forest.

3. Write something about the book ‘Panchatantra’.

Panchatantra is a book with a collection of folktales written in Sanskrit. It is believed to have been written more than 2500 years ago. Although it has all the animal characters in the chapters, the stories give a message to the readers. It was written by Vishnu Sharma, who presented these fables as entertaining and parable.