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Sage Agastya Story

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Introduction to Sage Agastya

One of the most accomplished travellers in ancient India was Agastya. Have you ever thought Who is Agastya muni? Both the Ramayana and the Rig Veda make reference to him. He made a gradual drop into southern India where he founded an ashram (Sage Agastya ashram) in the Western Ghats-Pothya Malai. Numerous urban legends surround him. In this article, you will read one of the famous sage Agastya stories where you discover what went behind the story of when Agastya drank the whole ocean up.

The Devas Approach Sage Agastya for Help

The Devas Approach Sage Agastya for Help

The Battle of the Devas and Asuras

The cousins of the Devas and Asuras were constantly at battle. The world above Earth, Devalok, was governed by the Devas. The Asuras were residents of Paatal, a planet below Earth. After sunset, the Asuras grew more powerful. The Asuras therefore usually attacked their cousins at night.

The Devas got more powerful as the sun rose. They'd be prepared to engage the Asuras in fighting. However, the Asuras would vanish! The Devas would look for them in the universe, on land, and underground. However, no one could locate the Asuras.

The Devas eventually came across the footprints of the Asuras leading to the sea. They are hiding here in the ocean, yelled Indra, king of the Devas.

The Wind God, Vayu, shook with a call to action, "Let's grab them!"

But can we attack them while submerged in water? Agni, the Fire God roared.

Sage Agastya and Lopamudra

Indra inspected the area. He observed a muni was there with his wife. He went close to them, it was Sage Agasthya and Lopamundra meditating while sitting on the beach with his eyes closed. Indra approached him, bowed, and requested help. Sage Agasthya was a wise man with a liking for the Devas. He offered to help them. He told Lopamundra to go to sage Agastya ashram and she left.

Sage Agastya placed his hands in the water and scooped up some water while whispering a prayer to the Sun. And in the next instant, he drew all the ocean's water into his hands! The wise man took a single gulp of it all.

The Asuras were left out in the open on the dry ocean floor while the great sage exhaled in pleasure. They were attacked by the Devas. The Asuras were defeated and left the conflict. The Devas exclaimed happily.

When Indra saw his relatives fleeing, he assumed they wouldn't worry the Devas again. Sage Agasthya was thanked by him. Sage, our work is finished. The water can now be redirected to the ocean floor.

The Devas and Asuras fighting

The Devas and Asuras Fighting

"Lord Indra, I have consumed all the rivers with my energies," scowled Agasthya. How do I put it back now?

It hurt Indra. All living things on earth would die without the ocean.

Looking up at the sky, Agasthya declared, "Only one river can fill this empty space. We must wait for Ganga to flow down to earth." So, Ganga's endless wait started.


In this story of sage Agastya, he supported the Devas, who were the gods in their conflict with the Asuras, who were the demons. Devas were powerful in the daytime while the Asuras were powerful at night. During the day, the demons hid in an ocean during the battle as part of a plan to hide from the Devas so that they could save themselves as they knew they would not be able to attack. The gods sought assistance from Agasthya who was meditating not too far from the ocean. Agasthya agreed to help and consumed ocean water, revealing the hidden demons. The Devas would then defeat the Asuras.

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FAQs on Sage Agastya Story

1. Who is Agastya muni?

The Ramayana describes Agastya as a special sage with a short, massive build who, by residing in the south, balances the influence of Shiva as well as the weight of Kailash and Mount Meru. Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana greet Agastya and his wife.

2. What is the historical significance of Sage Agastya?

The Agastya Samhita is thought to have been written by Maharishi Agastya. Additionally, the word can be transcribed as Agasti or Agathiyar. The star in Canopus is also known by its Indian name, Agastya, and is referred to as the "cleanser of waters" since it rises just when the seas of the Indian Ocean are beginning to calm down. He was a Brahma and Pulasthya ancestor.

3. How was Sage Agastya born?

Some mythologies say that he was born along with his twin, the Sage Vashishta.

4. Who is the wife of Sage Agastya?

​​Lopamudra, also known as Kaushitaki and Varaprada, was the wife of the sage Agastya.