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The Tower of Babel - Short Story for Kids

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An Introduction to the Tower of Babel Story

Tower of Babel is a story that appears in  Genesis 11:1–9 which discusses the origin of multiple languages and why people speak different languages in the world. 

This story teaches us not to be full of pride. The plot of the story is the competition of humans against God.

Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel

Kids like to read the Tower of Babel. It is an interesting short story for kids and for grownups as well.

The Story of the Tower of Babel is provided below in the article. Read the story with fun!

The Story of the Tower of Babel

The evil was spread all over the earth once. God destroyed everyone and everything except one good man named Noah.


Years after the flood, Noah and his family settled in one place but when they had more children, they moved from place to place. Their family increased. The world again became full of people.

They made cities. All the people used to speak the same language. They lived and worked together.

But soon people became greedy and full of pride. They all thought of building a tower that could touch the sky. They all wanted to reach heaven and wanted to be God.

There was pride in the hearts of the people, because they thought, from this tower, they could reach the height where God lives.

The Tower of Babel Story

The Tower of Babel Story

They started building the tower. God understood the intentions of humans.

This pride was the reason for his downfall. When God came to that city and saw what the people were doing, he was very angry. 

God halted the construction work by changing the language of everyone. People were unable to see each other and left the construction work.

This is how God saved everyone from becoming full of pride.


The above article discusses the famous story of the tower of Babel. 

It is important for children to read as they will understand the drawbacks of becoming a proud person.

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FAQs on The Tower of Babel - Short Story for Kids

1. What is the moral of the story “Tower of Babel”?

The moral of the story “Tower of Babel” is that we should never become full of pride. We should never try to be equal to God.  The story discusses the concept of the origin of diverse languages. People of the world used to speak the same language before the construction of the Tower of Babel but God changed the language of everyone to teach them a lesson.

2. How did God stop humans to construct the Tower of Babel?

When people became full of pride, they thought of building a tower that would reach heaven. Their intention in building this tower was to be the God of the world. When God understood the intention of humans. He changed the language of everyone. When the language of everyone was changed, they were not able to understand each other and they started quarreling. Soon the construction work of the Tower of Babel was stopped.