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Mother Goose Bedtime Stories

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Introduction to Mother Goose Bedtime Stories

Hundreds of children's stories that have been published over the years and passed down orally are frequently credited to Mother Goose. She is credited with many chants, and songs, but is best known for her nursery rhymes, which readers of all ages are familiar with.

Mother Goose Bedtime Stories

Mother Goose Bedtime Stories

No matter where the Mother Goose came from, Charles Perrault published the first Mother Goose collection of rhymes effectively founding the fairy tale genre.

These mother-goose bedtime stories are fun to read for the youngsters by having a collection of interesting fictional stories. In addition to entertaining children, it also proves to be fascinating for parents.

The Story-The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood

The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood Story

The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood Story

Here is the story of “The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood” from the famous mother goose bedtime stories for children.

A princess is finally born after a king and queen had longed for a child. They fail to offer an invitation to an elder fairy who everyone had supposed was dead, but they do invite the other seven fairies to her christening. The elderly fairy unexpectedly appears.

The Curse

Each of the seven fairies receives a package filled with jeweled kitchenware. She does not get the same gift. The elderly fairy curses the princess because she thinks "she was deliberately insulted."

The princess will "prick her hand with a spindle, and die of it," the elder fairy predicts. The princess will "merely slip into a profound slumber that will last a hundred years," says a younger good fairy, easing the curse. The princess will be awakened by a prince after the 100 years are up.

The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood

The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood 

The Princesses Slumber

The mourning king bans all spinning wheels and spindles from the palace as a result of the curse. However, the princess discovers a servant with a spindle when she is about 16 years old. The princess pricks her finger with the spindle.

Everyone in the palace is subjected to a spell by the good fairy who removes the curse that causes them to join the princess in her enchanted slumber. The forest suddenly appears, cutting off the castle from the outside world as soon as the king sets the princess in the most luxurious chamber.

The Prince

An entirely new family ascends to the throne 100 years later. When the son of the new king hears the legend of the sleeping beauty in the pitch-black forest, he thinks he is the chosen prince. He enters the old castle alone and discovers everyone asleep as the forest parted to make room for him. He locates the princess's bed-chamber and is present when she awakens. They are hitched that night after falling in love.

The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood

The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood 

The following day, the king's son comes home and tells his parents a lie about his whereabouts. He had two kids with the princess, Dawn and Day, at the time.

The country is ruled by the monarch's son. He invites the princess and their kids to his palace. The prince departs for battle shortly after, leaving his mother to care for his wife and kids. 

The Ogress

Being an ogress, she can't withstand the urge to eat her grandchildren for very long. She requests that Dawn be brought to her, cooked, and served. Because he is unable to, the steward kills and serves a lamb instead. With his wife, he hides Dawn. The ogress requests to eat Day eight days later. 

The steward applies the same ruse once more. The ogress finally gives the steward the order to boil the queen. 

The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood

The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood 

The steward decides to kill the queen since he does not think he can fool the ogre once again. The queen is happy to die.

The steward lets the queen know that her kids are secure. One day, the ogress learns she has been duped when she hears Day wailing and Dawn pleading. She gets a pot of stew going and intends to dump everyone in it. The prince, however, makes a timely return. The ogress throws herself into the vat in a fit of wrath and perishes. The prince and his family had a happy life after that.


Sleeping Beauty is a story of a princess who was cursed by an elder fairy. The elder fairy cursed a baby girl that she would prick her fingers with a spindle and go into a deep slumber for a hundred years.

To ease the curse the good fairy that the girl will wake up when the prince arrives and finds her. The whole kingdom goes into a deep slumber for a hundred years. When the prince came into the woods he found the princess and she woke up. They decide to get married and they have two kids Day and Dawn.

The name of the sleeping beauty was princess Aurora and the elder fairy was known as Maleficent.

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FAQs on Mother Goose Bedtime Stories

1. What lesson does "Sleeping Beauty in the Wood" teach us and why was Sleeping Beauty cursed by the witch?

Every fairytale has a lesson that good triumphs over evil, and in many stories, the evil queen is punished while the young princess lives happily with her prince and two children.

Maleficent states that Aurora will become more graceful and that she will be "beloved by all." However, as retaliation for not being invited to the kingdom's festivities, Maleficent curses Aurora to perish by pricking her finger on a spinning wheel's spindle before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday.

2. What is the name of the kingdom in Sleeping Beauty and was Aurora aware of her curse?

Maleficent's sorry kiss on Aurora's forehead, awakens her when her curse is ultimately fulfilled. When she is made queen of both the human realm and the fairy kingdom known as the Moors, Aurora defends Maleficent from her father and eventually gives her back her wings.

She eventually realizes that she is connected to it and that Ingrid was the one who cursed John. Lickspittle is forced to change his ways by Aurora, who serves as a constant reminder of Ingrith's axing of his wings.