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Love and Time Short Story with Moral Lesson

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An Introduction to Love and Time Short Story

The Story of Love and Time is an interesting story that teaches kids the value of the feeling of love and time. 

It is important to teach the children valuable lessons in life through stories and morals.

Children get to know about different feelings such as knowledge, sadness, happiness, Love, richness, etc. through these stories.

Love and Time

Love and Time

The Love and Time Short Story with a moral lesson is given below. Read the full story to have fun with moral values.

Short Story of Love and Time 

A long time ago, there lived on an island different feelings such as happiness, sadness, love, knowledge, etc. 

Different feelings living on the island

Different Feelings Living on the Island

One day, they got to know that the island is going to sink soon. All my feelings got worried.

The feelings living on the island decided to leave it with their pre-constructed boats. Love was the only one who decided not to leave the island.

The day came when the island began to sink. All the feelings were leaving on their boats.

Love asked Richness to take him in his grand boat but he said that he already filled his boat with gold and money so he could not take him.

Love requested Sadness to take him along but he said that he is very sad so he wants to be alone. 

Next, he called for help to Happiness but he was so happy and joyful that he did not listen to Love and passed in front of him without paying attention to him.

Love became very sad when no one was taking him in their boat. He heard a voice, “Hey dear friend! Come along with me.” 

Love came to a safe place in a boat. Love was so overjoyed that he forgot to ask who he was when he asked Knowledge who brought him. He further asked Knowledge if he knew him.

Knowledge said, “It was Time who brought you here”. Love asked, “Why did Time help me?” Knowledge replied with great wisdom, “Only Time knows the value of Love.”

Moral of the Story

The moral of the story Time and Love is that we should value the feelings of love which others share for us.

Time knows how valuable love is and only in the absence of our loved ones, we realise their love and care for us.


The above article discusses the story of Love and Time. The moral of the story provided here is that we should teach our children the value of people’s feelings and that we should respect them as well.

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FAQs on Love and Time Short Story with Moral Lesson

1. Who helped Love from escaping from the island?

When Love was asking for help from the different feelings. Everyone gave their excuses and did not help Love. Time came to help Love. He took him to a safe place. Hence, Time helped Love in escaping from the island.

2. What lesson does the story of Love and Time teach us?

We should teach our kids the importance of feelings. Every feeling has its own value in life. The value of love should be realised within time. The story of Love and Time teaches that we should respect and value the love and feelings of others and help them when they need us.