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A Bedtime Story for Kids: Where the Wild Things Are?

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Introduction to "Where the Wild Things Are" Story

This story is about a kid named Max. The story is framed around a child's psychology. In the story, Max is a kid who sometimes behaves rudely to his mother and goes into thoughts with fantasies of living like a king without his mother. But soon, he finds he cannot be happy without his mother’s love and comes back from such thoughts. 

Where The Wild Things Are

Where The Wild Things Are

Read  and enjoy this interesting story in the following article.

Where the Wild Things Are

Max is a little naughty fellow. He does weird things like running after the dog with a fork in his hand. His mother calls him a “wild thing”. He is sometimes cheeky to his mother, and that’s why, is often sent to bed without supper. Max, dressed in a wolf suit, is so angry that his bed starts to turn into a jungle. Soon, he sees a boat on a river bank and sails to the other side of the river, the land of wild things. The wild things were the monsters who had sharp and huge claws and long teeth. Max was not afraid of them at all. He tamed the wild things, and they accepted that he was the wildest of them all. They made Max the king of the jungle. Max was excited about becoming a king and shouted, “Let the wild rumpus begin...”. Max and the other wild things began to dance, hang from the trees and celebrate as a riot. Soon, Max realizes that he is missing his mother’s love. He was no longer enjoying it. He decides to return to his bed. Although the wild things request him to stay, he leaves with the boat on the river bank and returns to his bed. Supper was waiting for him there. He finishes it and finally goes to sleep.

Moral of the story

The Where the Wild Things Are story teaches us that we should never be rude to our mothers. Even after becoming a king, we could not be happy without their love.

Now, let us go through some faqs on this story.

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FAQs on A Bedtime Story for Kids: Where the Wild Things Are?

1. Where The Wild Things Are has been adapted many times?

In the 1980s, Maurice worked with the British composer Oliver Knussen on a children’s opera based on the book, which was most appreciably performed on the Proms in the Royal Albert Hall in London in 2002. In 1983, Walt Disney performed a chain of computer-generated imagery tests, the use of Where The Wild Things Are as their subject. In 2009, a live-movement film version of the book was released, directed by Spike Jonze and with Maurice as one of the producers.

2. How many awards did the book receive?

The children’s book has acquired many awards, such as Obama isn't always the only president who's a large fan of the book – in 1997, American writer Maurice received the National Medal of Arts from President Clinton and the 1964 Caldecott Medal.