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The Tale of Samson of Israel - Story for Kids

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The Story of Samson

The story of Samson dates back to the ancient scriptures of Israel. Samson was a strong man who lived in Israel. He fights against the Palestinian army. This tale is quite popular among kids and adults. The story of Samson depicts the theme of forgiveness. We can also learn from this narrative that if we apologise to God with a true heart for our faults, they will most likely forgive us. So, let's have a look at Samson's tale.

The Tale of Samson of Israel

Once upon a time, the people of Egypt suffered a lot and soon these people were forced to flee. The people who had been exiled from Egypt moved to Israel and started living happily there.  

Israel eventually returned to idol worship. The idols led to unholy roads, and Egyptians eventually formed a number of foes. 

The Philistines were their adversaries. The Israelites then began to worship an idol known as Dagon. A fish's head was affixed to a man's body in this idol.

Israel and the Philistines fought for a long time and after a long and tiring war, the Philistines captured all the weapons owned by the people of Israel. All of the Israelites' weapons were handed up to the Philistines.

They were no longer able to fight as a result of this. They also looted Israel's harvests, causing them to hunger. They cried out to God for aid and pleaded to Him. Their pleas were heard by God, and He came to their aid.

God looked for a kind-hearted man, he then found one such kind man. There was a man named Manoah who lived among the Dan tribe. 

"You will give birth to a boy, and your son will grow up and defend Israel from the Philistines," an angel told Manoah's wife one night. 

Angel and the mother of Samson

Angel and the Mother of Samson

The angel further said however, there is one condition, “your son shall never drink wine, must have long hair, and will become a Nazarite priest." 

Manoah's wife gave birth to a son. He was given the name Samson. He became the strongest guy on the earth. The secret of his power resided in his long beautiful locks. His mother told him never to cut his hair; it was a blessing of the angel. 



As the child grew he fought for the welfare of his people. He didn't need an army because he was so powerful. He eventually freed his people and saved them from the Philistines.

Moral of the Story

The moral of the story is that Samson teaches us the importance of truth and honesty. Although the people of Israel suffered for a long time they have their faith in God. God then blessed Samson with extraordinary power as his blessing.


There are many stories like the story of Samson, parents can also read the story of the fight and death of Samson. Experts from the ancient scriptures can help kids develop an understanding of the development of civilisations and religions. Apart from it, stories like the one mentioned in the article are an interesting way to teach kids new words. 

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FAQs on The Tale of Samson of Israel - Story for Kids

1. Who was Samson?

Samson was a renowned Israelite soldier and a Nazirite, as well as a representative of the Dan tribe. Nazarites were persons who were devoted to God's specific service. His uncut hair provided him with enormous physical power, which he used for 20 years in the fight against the Philistines.

2. Where was the secret of Samson’s power?

Samson’s power resided in his long locks. At the time of his birth, the angel granted him extraordinary power in return for a vow that Samson would never cut his hair.