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Little Brown Wren is the King of the Birds

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Introduction to the King of the Birds

Have you ever been curious about how the jungle kings are appointed? Do you know who the king of the Jungle is? Yes, Lion! Well, this story will tell you about one such time when the birds had to appoint their kings! This is the short story on birds with morals that teaches you the power of intelligence and wisdom. Sometimes being physically stronger is not greater than being clever. Read and find out who wins this competition and becomes the king of the birds.

All the birds assemble

All The Birds Assemble

How Did Little Brown Wren Become King of the Birds?

The birds gathered in the forest and the owl persuaded them, "We need a king, we should have one too. All the other animals have rulers." Suddenly, all of the birds began to twitter and flap their wings while asking, "But who should it be?" Owl said, "Our smart and clever bird."

Small brown wren chirped and sang a pleasant song, a beautiful peacock extended its feathers, a talking parrot joined in, a sweet nightingale sang a little song, a pecking woodpecker pecked, a raven ruffled his black feathers, and a dove ruffled her white feathers.

Flying High

The eagle stretched up and stared about with his brilliant golden eyes, "but the most important thing was flying high." The highest-flying bird will compete in a race to select who will rule all other birds. The eagle beat his wings.

After much tweeting, it was decided that the race would take place the following day. We are all skilled flyers and singers, but the eagle is so large and powerful that he will prevail, Little Wren was thinking.

Little Wren, though, was unsure whether the biggest was always better. All the birds gathered for the major race the following day. There was a lot of tweeting, hooting, crowing and little wren sang a sad little song quietly to himself. 

All the birds lined up on the branch of the biggest tree. The owl got ready to be the starter, “when I say hoot, you all fly up as high as you can”, 


The owl screeched.

Owl begins the Race

Owl Begins The Race

They all took to the air, flying as high. They flew past the highest point of the trees and up close to the fluffy clouds, but one by one they all came to a stop. Extremely high! Dove shrieked. Raven yelled, "I'm out."

The Eagle, Still Soaring High but Little Wren Soared Higher

The eagle, still soaring high, was the only bird left. However, the eagle was unaware of his small companion, tightly tucked inside his feathers. Little wren clung on tight. The eagle told everyone, "I am the highest, I am winning!" Then he started getting tired and slowed down. The little wren suddenly emerged and soared even higher. Little wren soared higher as a lot of the birds shouted out to it. “Little wren is the winner, little wren will be the king.” 

But the bigger birds were furious and were screeching, “The eagle is big and stronger and the highest, little wren tricked him.” 

Owl tried to stop the shouting and squawking. “What is better, winning because you are bigger? Or winning because you are cleverer?”

The birds were speechless to that.

Wren comes out of the eagle’s wings

Wren Comes Out of The Eagle’s Wings

Moral of the Story 

The power to rule or the power to dominate should not be decided based on the size or physical strength of the being, but the wisdom and intelligence. It is the intelligence that gets the battle won as seen in the case of the little wren. He was not strong and mighty but used his mind to win the race, so the wiser can take over the physically stronger.



There are various king stories for kids present but little brown wren is the king of the birds is the most interesting story. In this story, the king of birds is found out by all birds. The owl told the birds, and the eagle suggested that they should have a competition to fly Higher. When the competition started and one by one all the birds started giving up, ``I am the highest flyer, I am the winner!” Little wren came out from his hiding place, which was in the middle of the wings of the eagle, somewhere inside the feathers! and flew up even higher. Even then many questions arise related to the fairness of the game and the winner. Then lastly the owl calmed the shouting crowd by asking just a simple question. Who should be the king? The bigger or the wiser? This was the end of this short story on birds with morals.

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FAQs on Little Brown Wren is the King of the Birds

1. Can we find this story on YouTube?

Yes, we can find this story on the “Storyberries” YouTube channel. 

2. Who is the author of the story?

This Short Story is written by Andrea Kaczmarek.

3. What are the characteristics of the little wren?

We see that Wren is wiser and could win the race against the physically stronger eagle because of it. He believed that To win you don’t have to be big and strong but with wisdom, you can win.