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Everyone has a Story in Life

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Overview of a Story About Life

A story is a piece of art which can both be fictional and non – fictional, if we try to explain a situation or a feeling into our words it becomes our story, a story about life, which is close to our heart, personal and can be written in a form of journals, diary entry and preserved into a bigger work as a book. Everyone has a story in life which is unheard and important to them, let’s look at one such story.

Storytelling is an art

Storytelling is An Art 

Story About Life

The time we live is known as our life cycle or the life. Throughout life we keep writing a story about life which we experience daily without paying much attention too. We as humans are surrounded by experiences, good and bad, big and small and the story about life keeps on developing at a pace or speed which is not recognized or sometimes not valued, hence bringing the conclusion that everyone has a story to tell. 

So today’s story will be about two girls who were best friends but they never confessed their love for each other, helped each other in every situation and when the time came they reveal that the actual story of life and tell the truth proving that everyone has a story to tell and everyone has their side of story.

Life stories told by grandmother

Life Stories Told by Grandmother 

Story of Rumi and her Friend Named Monica - A Story about Life

In the modern city of Jammu, there was a girl in a well-known army school waiting for an actual friend who would guide her, love her, understand her and motivate her to come to the school daily as Rumi hated going to the school alone, sitting and eating alone without good friends. 

Then came a day when a new student named Monica came into the class, unlike the others she was helpful, and caring to Rumi. Now Rumi started going to school on time and avoided taking holidays and enjoyed Monica’s company. 

They became good friends and with time the bond changed into deeper friendship and they ended becoming best friends. Both started taking up classes together and met each other after classes too.                                              

Rumi and Monica in the picture at school

Rumi and Monica in the Picture at School

The time flew and they both went to new colleges and to different places but their bond remained the same after Rumi got another good close friend to share her thoughts Monica was left alone, and their friendship changed but Monica never told Rumi about it. Time passed by and they both got employed and didn’t pass each other’s way for a long time. 

Rumi was doing good in her life and was busy with her work schedule but she didn’t know that Monica always missed her and was detected with a life-threatening disease and was maintaining distance out of the health concern. Later, Ruhi discovered it and came to meet Monica. She found Monica in critical health and cried by looking at her position.

Rumi came to meet Monica in the hospital

Rumi came to meet Monica in the hospital 

Both confessed their love and care for each other and sited the words of old friendship. Wherein ruin accused Monica for breaking the bond, Monica had a story to tell, a story Rumi was unaware of. Everyone has a story in life which they do not tell or don’t get time to express. Later they both hugged each other and Rumi took extreme good care of Monica till she came back home safely with good health, after that they both valued each other and lived happily.


Everyone has a story to tell or express, some people do not get the opportunity, and others don’t feel like expressing or telling. Some don’t express out of fear others are misinterpreted. In the case of Rumi and Monica time became the difference and they both grew out of the relationship they cherished in the past, where both stood for each other, and when they met both had a story to tell.

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FAQs on Everyone has a Story in Life

1. Do you think everyone has a story to tell? Yes or No 

Yes, I believe everyone has a story to tell. 

2. Tell a story in your life where you were felt as a good friend? 

I and my friends live far in town and her house was very from the school and our school witnessed a lot of rain and blocked roads, so in that days I used to reserve a seat for my best friend else gave my notes to her if she used to miss the school, that made me a good friend.

3. Who do you like hearing life stories from? 

My grandmother tells me the best life stories of my interest. Sometimes my parents and some interesting story books also help me to get the best stories.